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Computer restarts

Hello, I have very strange behavior of my computer (Maximus VIII Ranger, Core i7 skylake, 32GB ram, GeForce 1060GTX, Windows 10 1909). My computer suddenly restarts (no blue screen jus reset with no logs). I have checked:- Removed all USB devices- Ch...

bigdnf by Level 7
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"No Audio Output device is installed" - Suspect Windows Update v1903

Ok, I have tried every angle possible on this and cannot determine why exactly Windows will not recognize the on-board audio. Seems to coincide with Windows 10 v1903 update but I can't roll back to confirm definitely. What is interesting is when I p...

Maximus Hero VIII - USB Hardware fault overcurrent

SO, I have this Z170 Mobo that died last year. I replaced it with another board, and was about to toss it in the trash when I decided to have another crack at getting it working again. originally it had a current overload issue preventing post. befor...

Maximus VIII Hero BIOS 1001 issues...

I've been using BIOS 0802 for a while and besides the occasional odd VCORE spike in HWMonitor (set to 1.330v, spikes at 1.344v) the Maximus VIII Hero has been rock solid. However, BIOS version 1001 was released recently and let me tell you, it was ...

Selpmid by Level 7
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Maximus VIII Hero Alpha Not Booting

My computing was working Okay except for the Video Card had a slight freezing problem. I replaced it and now the computer will not boot.When I turn on the PSU, EVGA 750 GQ, the RGB LED's on the Motherboard all Light. The Big Red Start in the lower-le...

vidguys by Level 7
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best performance bios

hi,like title says i was looking for the bios with the more cpu performance.about spectre issue i guess windows integrated it in it's OS so i don't think there is a point to loose 10-25% performance from the bios also?

Supr4 by Level 7
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FORMULA / No USB Ports Working, only usb 3.1 (red port)

Formula | No USB Ports WorkingSpecs: Motherboard: ASUS MAXIMUS VIII Formula RAM: CORSAIR DDR4 3200mhzCPU: i7-6700kPSU: 650W CorsairGPU: RTX 2060 Founders EditionStorage: RAID O ( 2X SSD 240GB )NONE OF MY USB PORTS ARE WORKING ONLY USB 3.1 (RED PORT) ...

Memory Recommendations

Hi all,I'm looking to upgrade to 8GB DIMMs of RAM in my Maximus Hero VIII. I had a stick of Corsair 3000Mhz 8GB (CMK8GX4M1D3000C16) but I've noticed that this isn't on the QVL so not too surprised I get an QCode CC/55.I'm looking at Hyper X instead b...

Video Signal Corruption after BIOS update - Help needed to resolve

I am having issues with a desktop PC I built in November 2015. The issue is a video signal corruption that seems to occur during change in load on the CPU (eg when opening a new application, clicking a URL etc) and shows up differently on 2 different...