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Slow usb 3.0/3.1

Hello,the problem i have is that I'm getting usb 2.0 transfer speeds on the usb3.0-3.1 ports. When copying from hdd to usb, speeds are are ~10-20mb. From usb to hdd (doesnt matter ssd or regular drive) i get ~40mb.I've installed the latest 'Asmedia U...

ledba by Level 7
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High processor usage on process SYSTEM(ACPI thread) linked with AI Suite 3

GreetingsMy spec areMaximus VIII Ranger z1706700k stock2x 8gb RIPJAWS V at 3000mhz XMP stock970 strix512GB 850 Evo + 4TB WD Windows 10 PRO 64All drivers uptodate acording to Asus page.Happened in Bios 401 and the new 1001UEFI bios settings are stock...

akgis by Level 7
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Maximus VIII Hero Alpha need help

This is my first build and has been super frustrating. I have a 6700k and 32gb corsair 2666 ram. I couldn't get it to post with all 4 ram slots filled. Had to leave A1/A2 empty to post finally after hours of head smashing into wall. the stock voltage...

Maximus VIII extreme aisuite issues

I got an asus z170 maximus viii extreme, 6700k, 4x 4gb corsair DDR3200 cl15, huntkey 900watt psu running windows 7 64bit. Everything running on stock as the psu does not have a 3rd 4pin cpu connector. I cant complete some of the windows updates and w...

Dho7rX by Level 7
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Maximus VIII Hero | XMP Settings and VCore

Hello,first excuse me for my English, this is not my foreign language. I'm from Germany. I got one question and i hope you guys can help me out with this. I just got my new hardware, i7 6700K, Maximus VIII Hero, 16 GB HyperX Fury 2666 MHz. After firs...

taglicht by Level 7
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SonicStudio 2 not opening

I just downloaded the most recent Realtek HD drivers from Asus for my Maximus VIII Hero on Friday. The driver is version 7829_20160630. SonicStudio is listed in Windows 10 Pro Anniversary Updates Start Menu, but it won't open.I've uninstalled it and ...

Shuttering on youtube with 970 gtx G1

Hello, i have the latest nvidia driver 368.81 and i have shutters on youtube when watching in 1080p 60 fps. I have the latest bios on my motherboard 1902. Even in games i have this microshutter like GTA 5 and even in nvidia control panel if put maxim...

Shakecip by Level 10
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Maximus VIII Hero Q code d0

Hi all,Just finished building my new system, finished installing windows, drivers. Sat and watched the idle temps for a while and decided its time to sleep.shut down the PC for the night and now it wont start.So specs CPU: I5 6600k MB: Asus Maximus V...

Cannot shutdown properly after installing AI Suite 3

Hello everyone, I'm currently unable to fully shutdown after installing AI Suite 3. The system just hangs at the blue "shutting down" screen. I've tried uninstalling the program and using the "cleaner" tool, but the problem still persists. ...