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Is Maximus VIII EOL For Updates From ASUS?

Hello!Well from the looks of it the updates and life of this board are dead, or are they?Not seeing any new BIOS updates with all the Intel BS going on, makes me think it's dead, and doesn't make one feel comfortable...So is this board's support from...

SlackROG by Level 10
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PC refuses to boot to desktop with external USB3 HDD's plugged in at startup

Hiya.I recently upgraded for the first time since August 2009 from:AMD Phenom X2 550 BE, RoG Crosshair III Formula Mobo, 4gb DDR3, Geforce 250GTS, 320gb Seagate Barracuda HDD (60+260 partitions)to:Intel i5 6600, RoG Maximus VIII Hero Mobo, 16gb DDR4,...

ogkspaz by Level 7
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Formula : M.2 heat trapping problem?

I was working on composing a new PC, and I completely fell in love with the formula,however, something is bugging me a bit.. The M.2 drive, why is it enclosed in a plastic box?M.2 drives are known to get pretty hot, some of them hit up to 110'C/230'F...

Sokonomi by Level 7
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ROG Asus Maximus VIII Hero 5.1 sound issue

Hi,I have problem with 5.1 sound in internet browser (youtube), only two front speakers work and subwofer.When I play in music player (Winamp) all speakers work properly. Please help.I set 5.1 in realtek manager and in windows speaker configuration.

kiki456 by Level 7
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hereo viii wont boot Code 00 no other codes

so I came home and wasn't able to use computer.. computer was on but nothing... I rebooted nothing.. noticed Code 00 I pulled video card ram power supply cmos battery.. tried the holding power button to drain any residual power tried the butt...

Z170A Boots to CMOS After Power On!

Please help. I have had this Z170-A for several years with no issues. We have it plugged into a power center and at the end of the day we shut it down and turn the power center off. The BIOS is set to turn on after power failure so when we turn the p...

MPSAN by Level 7
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Using m.2 Slot on Maximus Ranger VIII

Hi all!I recently buyed a new SSD for my gaming PC but I'm not even sure if my plan to install works. Please could you help me how to configure it in the BIOS?I plan to replace my current SSD with the Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB. But I read in different...

commy by Level 7
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Maximus Viii Formula adding a second NVMe Drive

Good day allI am really desperate right now as I cannot seem to fin the answer I am looking for or how to solve this issue I am having.Maybe you tech guru's could help me.Current SystemCPU - Intel 6700KMem - 64GBOS - Windows 101 Graphics Card (PCIeX1...

u4g by Level 7
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Intel I219-V Lan Speed limited to 100mb/s

Hi, I saw all threads about this issue and I can´t reach a sollution.My net speed is limited to 100mb/s having another computer running at 300mb/s to same router and having same cable.I try all.Set speed to Full duplex 1Gb (doesn't stablish connectio...

Ptakss by Level 7
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Computer restarts

Hello, I have very strange behavior of my computer (Maximus VIII Ranger, Core i7 skylake, 32GB ram, GeForce 1060GTX, Windows 10 1909). My computer suddenly restarts (no blue screen jus reset with no logs). I have checked:- Removed all USB devices- Ch...

bigdnf by Level 7
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