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audio trouble since win 10 creator update

Level 7
I have been having issues with the audio since I installed the win 10 creator update.
I have a 4 speaker configuration ( quadraphonic ) and it used to work just fine.

now depending on the driver I install I either get audio on just the front or just the back speakers

driver version 10.0.15063.0 sometimes works for a brief period of time.
any other version of the audio driver just gets me audio on the rear speakers

i don't know if the fix needs to come from Microsoft or from Asus???

please help or share your similar experiences

Level 12
When it comes to audio drivers, once they get messed up you need to uninstall them completely, then use CCleaner to clean the registry of the remnants of that driver. Reboot the system then reinstall the audio drivers. You should go through the windows sound settings to set it up then go to the driver software and check if the speakers are all working or not.

Level 8
Have you tested your system for high DPC Latency?

Jagdseelen wrote:
Have you tested your system for high DPC Latency?

Those tools out there for testing DPC Latency doesn't show any useful numbers in Windows 10 as Windows 10 has a new system timer not compatible with those tools.

Also, Windows 10 has a new driver model for audio which is further progressed in CU, most older drivers are not compatible as well. Latest Microsoft approved Realtek-driver is here:

Those drivers should be installed using device manager/update drivers/have disk after being extracted using WinRAR.
An extensive thread on Realtek-drivers are here:
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This type of issue is very common that appear just after upgrading system to Windows update.
If you are suffering from audio problem after upgrading to Windows 10 creators update then you need to apply below given tricks:

• Make sure Sound-Related Hardware are OK
• Troubleshoot “No Sound on Windows 10 Creators Update”
• Turn on the Windows Audio Services
• Modify the Sound/Audio Settings

The above discussed solutions are taken from: Guide to Fix Windows 10 Creators Update Audio / Sound Issue

Level 9
I'm facing the same issues since the 1703 and 1709 Win10 versions. Any realtek version I try has audio issues. Any audio goes out of sync. On Win10 default audio drivers, I have 0 issues. I had 0 issues before Win10 v1703.

Was this ever solved?
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