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Audio driver problem please help me..

Level 7

Hello everyone, I have rog maximus xiii hero mobo.

but the sound from it is horrible , I'm playing games and I can't detect where footsteps are coming from while my friend can hear everything.

I tried to uninstall all drivers and download drivers from the Motherboard website, from Realtek but nothing seems to work correctly.

one of the things that I'm really trying to check is why I don't have the "Enhancement Tab", I saw alot of people and on other people pc it says Realtek(R) Audio on device manager and on my pc it shows Realtek USB 2.0.

how can I fix it and change it into Realtek High Defenition Audio.

the enhancement tab is missing and I'm trying to fix it and the sound over all if anyone knows how to fix it I would love to hear about your solution, Thank you 😄


Level 10

Hi there! Are you using Armoury Crate? I have the same issue last time got software update to Asus Rog Theta 7.1 and Asus Rog Throne then all sound became horrible low volume and can hardly hear in the game what is happening not the first or last time we get these bad updates.

Hope they solve this soon, going crazy. 🤔 🤪

Every gamer has suffered from small-screen videos

I don't have Armoury Crate, do you know any fix for it by any chance?

I'm really frustrated I tried so many drivers nothing seems to be working..



Hello furytay

What headset/speakers are you using?

I'm using the ROG Delta S Animate headset which requires Armoury Crate for updates and full sound control.

Device Manager shows this.

Delta S Animate deivice manager.png

Armoury Crate has a Virtual Surround Sound setting that can help hear enemy footsteps. Your headset/speakers will determine if you need Armoury Crate.

Delta S Animate.png




Level 9

it also depends on what audio device it is you have plugged into your pc AND HOW it is connected, via 3.5mm or usb? 

and the speaker drivers in your headset also play a factor into what you can hear compared to friends, driver would have nothing to do with it- BUT

your audio device may not support the enhancements or if its a 3.5mm jack then plug it into the back port of your pc not the front, typically the rear IO headphone port is connected directly to the onboard sound card setup for your mobo

but just because one persons pc can do one thing doesnt mean yours can. keep in mind everybody has a different setup- audio preference.