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ASUS Straight Edge Podcast - episode 2 - fan controls with Mike Chin of SPCR

Level 13
Episode 2 is now live!

Click here to listen to the podcast


0~0.48 Intro

0.48~3:20 The ASUS TMF

3:20~21:57 Mike Chin on SPCR's testing chamber, ASUS fan controls, and fan control suggestions

Q&A session

21:57~ 24:44 Fan controls on H170/B150 series vs Z170

24:44~27:30 ASUS MB power consumption

27:30~32:07 DPC latency

32:07~40:40 Inductor noise aka coil whine from GPUs, PSUs, and MBs

40:40~45:58 GPU fan control range

45:58~47:37 Fan control suggestions for ASUS

47:37~52:35 AIOs for GPUs

52:35 ~ 1:00:43 Fan filters

Level 7
These are awesome, thanks!

Level 13
Glad you liked. If you have ideas for future episodes, let us know please.

Thanks so much. i got a answer for a question on minute 24 regarding retarding the fan speed on cpu temps spikes. I got it sort it out. Especially on channel 2 and 4 that i am using to intake air.

What i did. is use a constant pwm speed on manual for 60%. So my fans are 1700 rpm all the time and on the moment i got 50C i change the values so slowly ramp the speed. But since the new 1901 bios i can not use the pwm manual adjustment on the cpu fan. odd. si in on turbo mode
Learn, Play Enjoy!

Level 12
I am going to check it out. For me these is all new science.
Learn, Play Enjoy!