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Asus ranger z170 bios 3307 problem

Level 7
Hi all.

After update bios 3007 (ASUS Ranger) i have a big problem with OC with Adaptive Voltage. Before my i7 6700k run flawless 4.5Ghz 1.26V..Now i get BSOD even with 1.3V. I dont know whats happened. Bios 2202 everything is ok. The 3307 bios for Asus RANGER is only that exist in download section
Has Somebody the same problem with OC i7 6700k on this bios ? Please help

Level 11
I haven't used adaptive voltage but on Youtube you could find plenty of videos guiding you to the optimal settings for overclock of i7-6700K. As far as I remember, one of the guys recommended to manually fix the voltage at 1.345 V to achieve stable 4.6 Ghz for your CPU (higher than your current clock). With a good cooler you shouldn't worry too much about this voltage level (the maximum allowed by Intel is 1.52 V but this is too extreme).

In the worst case, BIOS flashback is also an option.

Personally, I am too lazy and have simply increased the multiplier of my i5-6600K from 39 to 44 without touching the voltages at all. I let the MB to decide about it; they are usually in the range of 1.26 with momentary peaks of 1.3 V. Actually, I was able to achieve 4.5 GHz too but not all games appreciate it (I managed to play through Assassin's Creed: Syndicate and Fallout 4 without issues but Civ 6 crashes after an hour of gameplay). Oh, and I also run with BIOS 3007 on the same MB.

Level 7
ok thanks fo quick reply 🙂

My BSOD exist on OCCT AVX test, no matter what voltage i used. On 2202 everything is ok and gaming also run perfect. To be honest i dont tested gaming on 3307. Maybe i would do this on the same voltage in 3307?

Level 7
The bios 3007 for this mainboard is no longer available in UEFI ASUS EZ FLASH by online update