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ASUS Maximus VIII Impact - Q-Code 00

Level 7
Hi all,

I've had the same situation many times before with a couple of other RoG boards (Maximus IV Extreme, VI Hero etc), but this is the first time I am working with an Impact board, so I thought I'd post on here to make sure I've ruled everything out - as in the past 00 has always led to dead hardware.

I've got a Maximus VIII Impact - and when connected with a Pentium G4400 and a 4GB DIMM of Vengeance LPX, I get the infamous 00 Q-Code.

-- The system is running on the box, so I can rule out a short.
-- G4400 and 4GB DIMM are working - running with no RAM installed still gives 00 (with no ram I'd expect 53 or 55 etc.)
-- CPU socket is fine
-- 8-Pin EPS connector is definitely connected 🙂
-- Cleared CMOS/RTC on many occasions, no avail.

The board came installed with BIOS version 0907, which should run the G4400 anyway, but I ran USB BIOS flashback and flashed 1504 and then 3401 and they seemed to install as usual (increasing speed of flashing for ~2 minutes) - both of which had no effect.

Using the CX750M which is my standard PSU I use on the bench - and I recently used it to test other boards so I know its good.

At this point I'm 99% sure its the board that's fried considering the CPU is confirmed good, but I'd like to rule out any other configuration errors before I start RMA.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Hello lxwrencus

Cpu is good, psu is good, that only leaves the motherboard as you suspect.


Thanks for your response.

Same situation as I have experienced in the past - I'll start the RMA for the board.


Level 8
In your case it looks like the 00 bios code probably does mean dead hardware but a qcode of 00 doesn't necessarily mean hardware failure & I know that for sure as I've been having some weird stuff going on with my VIII hero system that I built back in OCT of 2015. The system is 100% stable, no matter what I do on it but if the power is lost due to a power cut or if I unplug the PSU for whatever reason then I know I'll be faced with either a 00,15,25 or 55 qcode when I power it back on, I have to hold down the power button on the tower case to power it all off, wait a few seconds then power it all back on and in the past I've had the 00 code time and time again but eventually through powering off & on the system will eventually post & then continue to work perfectly after that, for many months on most occasions, until the power is disconnected which I do every 6 months or so when I clean everything out as I don't have to do it more frequently than that as I have some excellent Demciflex dust filters on my HAF932 case.

Never had this issue when I first built it or for a long time after that, probably all started after a bios update as 15,25 & 55 are all linked to memory but anyway the moral of this story is that 00 qcode doesn't always mean dead hardware.