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Asus Maximus VIII Hero UEFI voice error message "Line Failure"

Level 7

My Asus Maximus VIII Hero is giving me an error message via the onboard audio, saying "Line Failure". I can't find anything in a Google search to tell me what it means. The message is spoken by the UEFI, and is the same in Windows 10 (even with sound muted), Windows PE (for my backup software) and in the UEFI itself. I'm assuming it means something on the board is dying. It was only overclocked briefly when new, 15 years ago, and has only had 10 years use over the 15 years I've owned it. It's my newest motherboard, so it would be good if I can find and fix the problem before it becomes fatal.

Does anybody know what this error means?

I've bought a can of compressed air (actually, it's probable butane or propane) tonight, which I hope arrives before Christmas, in case it's caused by dust shorting something (possible, as I keep the side off the case to help keep it cool)


Level 7

Doh! I disconnected the PC speakers, and..... Still got the error message! Asked my carer if she could tell what direction it was coming from, as it couldn't be the PC. Turns out it's my router, which also seems to be working fine (at least, I'm getting up to the advertised 900 Mb downloads). So not a UEFI error message after all 🙂