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Asus Maximus VIII Hero - newbie questions

Level 7
So I assembled myself a new PC - Asus Maximus VIII Hero, I5 Core 6600K, G.Skill RipjawsV F4-2800. And I have some newbie

My first question is: The CPU keeps changing frequencies between 800Mhz to 3.9GHz. I mean it doesn't change them randomly, but when idle goes to lowest possible and when playing games to highest possible. First I thought it was because AI Suite 3 and it's
performance optimization stuff, but I reset it to defaults. I also reset everything in BIOS to optimized defaults. I think its probably
some sort of energy efficiency thing. But how do I turn it off, it is really bugging me? I want the CPU to work at its 3.5GHz to
3.9GHz Turbo frequencies only.

Second question: Is it normal that different applications use exactly 25% CPU per application? I mean for example Viber uses 25%,
uTorrent uses 25% while downloading something and 50% idle.

Keep in mind I never had an Intel powered PC before. My AMD configs never did stuff like that.

Level 14
Intel Speedstep, it is supposed to do that, saves energy and produces less heat when not in heavy use, you can disable speedstep and C-states in bios, or easier to set windows power plan to performance in Windows

Level 7
In my oppionion it's just good thing to lower clock speeds when it's not needed. I think it can be adjusted also from power plan settings...there are settings for processor speeds...lowest % etc. atleast on Windows 10.