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Asus Maximus viii Hero Cold Boot.

Level 7
Hello Guys.
Since i updated my bios to Version 3703 my system dont work that well.
My Problem is on the colt boot everyday i start my pc it dosnt post and show me the code 00 after i plug out the psu cable and plug it back on.
It boots like when u do cmos but it doesnt delete my bios settings.
probably im gonna go back to my old bios version.
if anyone had the same problem please help me.
and at the end i overclocked the system i tryed and auto profile and xmp but still the same problems.

My System are.
Intel I7 6700K on 4.5ghz
Asus Maximus viii hero
EVGA 850 g2 psu
Corsair Vengeance 2x8gb 3000mhz
SSD samsung 850 pro
WD 2TB Black Edition.

Level 7
I have exactly same problem with Maximus VIII Ranger 😞 Problem first appeared on BIOS 3504..I expected it to be resolved on next BIOS version (3703) , but nothing 😞 I went go back to BIOS 3401 which works without any problems. Allegedly yours and mine RAM are not on new compatibility list (QVL) ... 😞