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asus MAXIMUS VIII EXTREME gpu problem

Level 7

Hi i have a problem i cannot work out.

I have a asus MAXIMUS VIII EXTREME with

i7 770k

64gb ram

3 evga gtx 970s

corsair rm850x psu

my problem is i can only get the pc to work with only 2 gpus in

when i add the 3rd windows pops up with driver errors .

My bios is all upto date. I'm trying to sli all 3 but cannot seem to get it to work.

Any help would be great.



Hello mattft86,

You get x16 pcie lanes from the 7700k, there is no PLX chip like with previous motherboards. Nvidia gpu's need x8 pcie lanes to work, so you're limited to two Nvidia gpu's.

 This means either SLI or quad SLI, quad SLI is two dual gpu's like the GTX 690 or GTX Titan Z. 

You can run four AMD gpu's as they only need x4 pcie lanes to work.





Ah I see I didn’t think of that. Is that the Same case with the MAXIMUS VIII HERO?


Yes, it's the same for the ROG Maximus VIII Hero, it supports up to three AMD gpu's.





ok so im thinking of getting the intel ROG STRIX B760-F dose that board support sli?


No, that particular motherboard doesn't support sli.

There are some new 700 series motherboards that do support SLI, like the ROG Maximus Z790 Hero. To go 3-way sli, you'll want to look at x299 or x399 motherboards.



 Or right I ordered one and it came today the book says one x16 and one x4 in dual configuration. 



It looks like it would support two AMD gpu's, but the 3rd pcie x16 slot is pcie 3.0. This could limit performance in a crossfire configuration.

It won't work with two Nvidia gpu's.