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ASUS Maximus Hero VIII, Clear CMOS, How to.

Level 7
Since this is my first thread, I first want to say hello to the Asus ROG community.

I want to reset my Maximus Hero VIII mobo to the factory settings via the Clear CMOS button. But I am not totally sure how to do that.
In another thread, I saw that Nate152 said, that you have to power down your pc and then press the button for 3 secs.
What does "power down" in this context mean ? Do I just have to shut down the pc, still connected to the electrical outlet with switched on psu, or do I have to disconnect the pc from every power source (as if I would do, when I install new hardware) ?

Thanks in advance (and sorry for bad english 😉 )

Level 7
After a little more research (which I actually could have done before), I found the answer to my problem.