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Asus Maximu Ranger z170 "d6" code strange problem

Level 7
Hi Everyon. I have strange problem with ASUS Maximus RANGER Z170. Could you help me?
Sorry for my english

My new spec PC
Asus ranger
MSI gtx 1070 Armor OC
ram 2 x 8GB Corsair (QVL list compatible)

When i boot my pc after first one beep there is 1 long and 4 short beeps and d6 error has occured but everything is extremely ok.
Windows start. System stable. Now listen...

1. When the cable DP is connect to monitor and before boot pc monitor is "on" the d6 problem doesnt exist on the DVI cable everything is ok
2. When the cable DP is connect to monitor and before boot pc monitor is "off" the d6 problem exist on the dvi cable everything is ok
3. When i changed CSM to disabled the "d6" problem has occured on the DP cable even with only IGPU card and if the cable is do not connect to pc
When CSM is enabled d6 not exist on all cable no matter if they are connect or not connect to monitor even if monitor on or off 🙂

I checked everything, slot contamination, pin bent, different slot ram
Bios is newest 1701

IS this normal or mainboard faulty. Please help

Level 15
The d6 QCODE means that your system isn't detecting a monitor. Check your cables and monitor to make sure they are not defective.

Ok but what when there is no cable connect to graphics card, d6 is normal?

Yeah it's normal to get an error code when you're not connected to a monitor.

If you're using windows 7 let csm enabled.

I checked new dp cable...d6 exist 😞

maybe monitor is the problem? Brand new LG 24GM77

I reconected my old Dell P2414H and there is no problem

Can you change the settings on the monitor HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, I'm not sure if it auto detects or not.

When it's plugged in and you try to boot up do any power lights on the monitor come on?

On DVI is no problem

When display port cable is connected and monitor is in the standby mode the boot is normal and monitor is awake straight ahead to windows
When is turn off d6 code is appear and when I turn on monitor after boot pc everything is ok, windows is starting normally

without connected cable no matter the dvi, display port 🙂 d6 code exist but windows starting normally


Yeah you want to let your monitor in stand by mode so to say, the monitor will turn off when you shut your pc off although the monitor power light will remain lit.

No no, the shut off pc is not what im interesting in 🙂

But i think that the monitor is black and it's going to standby mode when I turn off the pc and its ok.
Ubnormal behaviour is when i boot pc with power off monitor then d6 error 🙂