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Asus AI Suite 3,Corsair H100i V2 and CPU fan configuration

Level 7
After uninstalling Corsair LINK I would control my fans through AI Suite 3.
I have two chassis fan (Fan #1 and Fan #4) + H100 v2 liquid cooler.

These are the BIOS settings:

- Chassis Fan #1: PWM + Standard
- Chassis Fan #2: PWM + Standard
- CPU fan: Auto + Standard
- Water pump: Disabled

and this is what I see in AI Suite:

As you can see the Water Pump rpm speed is 0 and the CPU fan speed is incredibly slow.
If I tweak the CPU fan setting:

the CPU fan speed reported in the right corner will increase up to ~960 rpm:

I've tried monitoring the temperature and fan speeds using HWMonitor and this is what I see:

The Water Pump speed isn't detected, it will be only if I install Corsair LINK and leave the USB drivers installed.
After installing it this is what HWMonitor will detect:

The H100v2 Fan speed will increase if I tweak the CPU fan graph in AI Suite, the water pump will never change speed instead.

Level 13
isn't AIO's water pump designed to run at 100%, all the time?
or did i remember it wrongly, hmmm.
no siggy, saw stuff that made me sad.

Level 9
you have to run FAN TUNING First.


AKBAAR wrote:
you have to run FAN TUNING First.


First do I need to remove every Corsair software / driver?

AKBAAR wrote:
you have to run FAN TUNING First.


How do I setup the BIOS settings?

I've launched Fan Tuning, the CPU fan speed won't go under 1400RPM and the Water Pump speed is 0.

HWMonitor instead will detect the CPU fan running at 1400rpm (like AI Suite):

but it will also detect another fan under Corsair H100i v2 running at 1440 rpm (it won't move):

Q-fan BIOS settings are:

- CPU: PWM + Standard
- Chassis Fan #1 and #4: PWM + Standard
- Water Pump: Disabled

Corsair LINK is not installed but I've leave the Corsair USB drivers to let HWMonitor detect the Corsair H100i v2 fan and water pump speed.

If I set the CPU_fan to DC mode the CPU fan will be to a range of 0 to 1400rpm:

and the water pump will stay at 1800 rpm

Level 11
Hook the AIO pump to the CPU FAN header and disable BIOS Q-Fan control of it. It is intended to only run at constant speed. That constant speed will be reported. However not as a pump, but as a fan. It makes no difference, label it in your software if you can. Your two H100 fans, if connected to the MoBo via PWM headers, can be controlled on temperature and reported like any other case fans.

The two CPU cooler fans are plugged into a Y adapter which is plugged into the CPU_FAN header, then the USB cable is plugged into the USB2 header down the motherboard, according to the H100i v2 manual:

It's 3-pin.

If I set the Qfan CPU controller to DC mode I will get:
- Cpu fan speed from 0 to 1400 rpm
- Water pump speed 1800 rpm constant

If set in PWM mode:
- CPU fan speed from 1400 rpm
- Water Pump speed 2800 rpm

Ai Suite still can't detect the Water pump speed, it is reported as 0, I still have the Corsair USB driver package installed in my system to monitor the water pump in HWMonitor, this is reported in DC mode:

EDIT: If I set the CPU fan speed at 100% (1400rpm) the water pump will raise to 2800rpm! wtf!

Level 11
You cut off the portion that is supposed to say it, but you're reading it wrong. No, The PUMP is to be connected into the CPU FAN header, not the fans. The fans are to be connected into the split wire from the pump housing. The USB header has nothing at all to do with powering the unit, that's a datalink for Corsair Link only. That pic is not relevant.

The following is directly from the manual of the H110i v2:

• Connect the pump power cable to the
CPU_FAN header on your motherboard.
• Connect the fans to the two connectors
coming o the pump.