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Annoying tick sound when initializing sound card.

Level 7

I've got the Maximus 8 Impact mother board with a clean Windows 10 Pro installation.
After installing Windows, I've used Windows Update to install all updates.
It also installed the sound card for me.
I've used this driver for a week with no problems.

After 1 week I've downloaded the Audio driver from the Asus Support website and installed it.
Now I hear a light tick sound when I start a MP3 / Video / etc. and when I close it I hear the same tick sound.
I also hear it when I close a window or start a program like Adobe Premiere Pro or other software which uses the sound card.
It's not very loud, very silent actually but it's still annoying if you keep hearing it all the time.
If I open a program which doesn't use the sound card (example: Photoshop) I don't hear the tick sound.

Is there a setting which I can do to get rid of the tick sound ?

Asus Maximus Impact 8
Intel 6700k (no OC yet)
BIOS: 1504
Audio driver: V6017629


Level 8
Some users experience this, some do not. I don't think it has been figured out. My first board (Maximus VIII Hero) had the pop/tick noise but now my Maximus VIII Hero Alpha does not. If you go back to using the default driver provided by Windows it will stop. It is just the sound of the channel opening and closing and the default driver handles it better - probably because it leaves the channel open.

Level 7
Your UEFI isn't the current one. . The current one is 1701. Here's a link for it, drivers and Asus utilities.
Also, I've heard a solution for sound issues would be to unhook the motherboards HD Audio cable and then wrap a wire wrap around the cable's for it from where the wires hooked to the connector and all the way to where the wires for it run to the front panel of your case.
You can get wire wrapping material at any electronics store or Newegg/Amazon.

Level 7
Actually it's 1601, but I will flash the motherboard later. I don't think a new BIOS will solve the sound card issue.

Uninstalled the Asus driver and went back to the default Windows driver, now the tick sound is gone.
I guess there is no setting to leave the channel open right ?

Level 9
I get tick its normal when u start windows