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AI Suite and Logitech Drivers don't play well together

Level 7
Hi Guys,

Just a heads up if you're using a logitech keyboard with G-keys or something like a G13. If Ai Suite is installed the drivers for the logitech stuff will crash your PC. Uninstalling everything that has todo with AI suite allows the Logitech stuff to work.

Here is link from the Logitech site for more information.

Level 7
Thanks for the link. I was having some of the same issues.

Level 7
Someone in the logitech forum has found out a (temporary) solution:

I was having the same problems as everyone else in this thread. Using a G15 and G9x, z170 Pro Gaming, and i5-6600K

Uninstall AI Charger +, USB 3.1 Boost, and MoBo Connect.

Not sure which of those three it was causing the problem, but I know it was one of those three. I don't really care about any of those components either, so I'm not going to bother reinstalling them to figure out which one was the problem.
I've restarted many times and everything is working without issue. I've even reinstalled the Logitech Gaming Software a couple times to make sure it would continue to work, and it does..

So there is no need to uninstall the AI Suite completely.

Level 8
Uninstalling AI Charger, USB 3.1 Boost and Mobo Connect also worked for me... I uninstalled 1 at a time, and it only worked after uninstalling Mobo Connect, so I don't know if that's the culprit. I might try re-adding AI Charger and USB 3.1, but not right now, have had enough BSOD's for one week...

Level 7
Maybe someone could test it. I would do it, but I'm still waiting for the CPU. 😞

i have exact the same issue but i only have a logitech mouse (g402 hyperion fury) and i have installed the logitech software.
I get much bsods with aisuite installed and uninstalled it and now its fine.
i have make a new thread with dumps:

I have the Logitech G910 Spectrum keyboard, the Logitech G502 Spectrum mouse, and the G933 Spectrum headset with AI Suite 3 installed. I have never had any issues with my PC crashing.

Level 7
I'm using a g15 keyboard and g5 mouse zero problems here ....