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AHCI mode with the Samsung SSD Pro

Level 7
I just installed fresh Win 10 on my 1TB Samsung SSD Pro using the USB drive. The problem I'm having is that the software Samsung Magician doesn't recognise that the drive is in AHCI mode. Anyone had this issue before ?

What is interesting BIOS is showing that the drive is actually in AHCI so what gives?

I wish to use the benefits of the Magician but because it doesn't recognize the AHCI most of the options are greyed out.

Any suggestions ?


Level 7
Samsung hasn't updated Magician for official Windows 10 support yet. It behaves inconsistently under Windows 10 and has many problems. Wait for an update and all should be fine. Here is a link to the manual for version 4.7 which shows supported OS only up to Windows 8.1:

You can also Google Samsung Magician and Windows 10 and find dozens of lengthy discussions. You have to remember Samsung makes great SSDs right now but the support is abysmal.

Samsung Magician SSD software on my sistem was causing micro-stutter on Metal Gear Solid V on Windows 10

Ping pointing to it was hard but I found out as a sugestion from a user in other forum I forgot the name.

I recomend not using it all