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6700k High Stock Temps

Level 7
My specs are as follows:

Maximus 8 Hero (Non Alpha)
i7 6700k @ stock
Radeon R9 295X2
16 GB 2400 MHZ Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4
Seasonic 850w Focus + Gold PSU
Corsair H80i V2

Temps are very high for medium gaming, I am afraid to see what they would do in something like Prime95.

Here's an HWINFO64 screenshot...

As you can see by the max temps I am getting ~85C at stock. No overclock of any kind.

I have tried putting LLC to 5, I have set vcore manually to 1.28. I have reseated the cooler and reapplied thermal paste (Noctua NH-1)

Got any ideas?

Hi Culbrelai

Welcome to the ROG forum !

In HWinfo, what is the Maximum Vcore showing ?

Max Vcore is 1.296ish, according to HWINFO, I manually set it to 1.28 in the BIOS.

BIOS is also up to date.

My case is a Cooler Master Cosmos II with at least 14 fans total, with the CPU rad venting out of the top and the GPU rad out of the back. I might try swapping them...

Most of the fans are high performance Yate Loons/Scythe Slipstreams...

Room temperature is 70-75F.

Level 12
I personally never like that many fans in a case because it's difficult to determine where that air is actually going, and how much of it is trapped and recycled inside that case.
I'd like to deploy my troops in her country.


Nate152 wrote:
Try setting the Vcore to 1.15v - 1.20v.

Alright now under the same conditions max temps go to 70-75c, still kind of high for a good liquid cooler with a thick rad like the h80i v2.

I set VCore to 1.175 and now it maxes according to HWINFO at 1.184. Humm... Might move rads around...

That's looking better !

When you installed the H80i did you use the pre-applied thermal compound on the waterblock or did you use your own? If you used your own did you remove the pre-applied thermal compound ? Also make sure the waterblock is making good contact with the cpu, not super tight just snug. Make sure the pump is running at 100% too.

I'd remove the stock thermal compound and use Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, this should help lower temps a little more.

I would check the mounting and thermal paste.

Even when mine is hitting 1.4V under load it doesn't go higher as about 80°C on Prime!
Gaming is 60° max when the Water got warm. (And thats all on very low Fanspeeds).
But i use a custom loop with 280mm Radiator (thin one)

Oh, i forgot. Mine is delidded and the Factory paste is exchanged. Might also be a factor.

Level 10
Swapping rads around will not fix your problem. Something must be wrong there. Either the cooler/paste is not on properly or the water pump is not working. Or maybe the cooler has air bubbles inside? Although you should be able to hear a bubbly noise from the water pump if that was the case. Silly question, but did you connect the pump to a voltage source?

My 6700k barely reaches 60C under 100% load with a H110i rad. Temps usually settle around mid to high 50s under full load. CPU is running at 4.6GHz, LLC-6 with Cache at 4.5GHz and 3466MHz on mem. Voltage shown in HWINFO is 1.249v. I can't remember the exact setting I have in the BIOS but it's around 1.235v.

Level 12
My 6700K under load was 55C-60C with a Lucifer V2 air cooler. Based on your temps it seems your cooler might be the issue, here. As pointed out above it would be a good idea to reapply thermal paste (don't cheap out, get a good one) and re-seat your cooler.

Couple of other things, though. What are your ambient temps? And are your CPU temperatures constant? I noticed that my 6700K had severe voltage and temperature spikes that would reach 75C-80C before I changed some BIOS settings.

Just to clear up one last thing, you mention the H80i as your cooler, but you swapped that for a Noctua NH-1 to check? Is that correct?
I'd like to deploy my troops in her country.