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x99 strix very slow boot since forever

Level 7

so my pc has always been booting very slowly, always took over a minute,

now i did this latest bios update, and it's gotten even worse: at least 2-3 minutes, sometimes once a day +-) the pc freezes and i have to reboot it, when i reboot it says overclocking has failed, ive tried ddifferent settings, using the optimal assus thing, then normal, xmp profile on, disabled, nothing seems to work well...

fast boot option in bios is enabled

what can i do to have a fast boot, stable settings, and maybe a small easy overclock. please help

my specs:

asus strix x99
intel i7 6800k
8x8gb corsair red led 3000mhz
asus strix 1070
samsung 850 pro 512gb
2x3tb wd green

Level 10
What is the so called Optimal asus thing you refer too ?

I'd frankly try using one stick of ram only and see what happens at least try different sticks too in single channel to rule out using a bad stick first !

Disk or memory training failing is the usual issues with startup or restart times.
Seeing you have 3 hdd's connected see if disconnecting them would help maybe one is going bad.

A lot of machines are not compatible with win-10 fast start nonsense features it's really not a big deal
Even with fast start off shouldn't be more than 30-45 seconds even on cold start.

Level 7
how old is 850 pro you can check crystal disk info to check the health status of SSD