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X99-AII after watercooling failure

Level 7
First PC build, X99A2+ Intel 6900K + Nvidia TitanX pascal and EKWB Predator 360 cooling
After 3 months radiator hose detached from radiator.
Fairly certain no coolant came into contact with mobo however my system did shut down by itself and I was unable to reboot.This was before I discovered the loose hose!

Once I discovered the broken hose of course I immediately removed power and then removed the radiator + hose+ cpu water block.
EKWB support has been great so far and will be shipping me a replacement unit.

I am hoping that no damage occurred to my mobo+CPU and assume the auto shutdown was due to overheating?

Anyways I was wondering if would be considered safe to try and reboot for a very short time just to test the integrity of my mobo+cpu WITHOUT any additional water cooling.
Good idea or should I wait until I install new radiator + CPU waterblock?

Level 10
You should not boot without any cpu cooler attached, a couple of seconds with the water cooler block but without water flow should be fine however.
Before rebooting I advise you to clean any coolant off the board with 99.9% isopropyl alcohol (you should also check the cpu socket).

Thanks. Think I'll be patient and wait till I get the replacement. Is it reasonable to assume no damage was done to my CPU and that it shut down before any damage occurred from overheating?

eco_bach wrote:
Is it reasonable to assume no damage was done to my CPU and that it shut down before any damage occurred from overheating?

Where did the liquid from the cooler go? usually dries to leave a white residue which can help in spotting where it went.

I would remove MB and inspect every square cm...and clean it thoroughly as kaese suggested. front and back...also remove cpu and inspect it and socket

Level 14
even a UV light can help locate coolant on the mobo, if you have one.
is this compression fittings or normal fittings?

Thanks. You can see by the attached images where the failure happened. The connection to the hose on the bottom of the rad is made of plastic and partially cracked I assume from stress. I'm assuming almost all the coolant drained onto the bottom of the case and the floor. Apparently from feedback this is a known 'design flaw' and EKWB have corrected this.

Level 13
This must be the season for AIO failures! Sorry to hear of the misfortune. Consider a custom build that isn't made of plastic.*

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