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Windows 10 October 2018 Update (Windows 10 ver. 1809) KILLS BW-E Overclock!!!!!!!!!

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PLEASE ASUS....INTEL...MICROSOFT FIX your software. This is very annoying i never install KB4100347 update because this problem but now when win update install this october 18 update my overclocks is broken!! @Raja@asus @Chino @somebody to know how to fix this!?!?
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Korth wrote:
Intel released microcode which fixes Spectre and breaks overclocks. They've corrected the vulnerability and provided the promised/expected level of security on their "old" products. So they won't lose any money replacing parts or honouring warranty or getting bad press or confronting liability accusations.

But why would they be interested in correcting overclock issues or extending longevity on their "old" products? It costs them time and money and effort to roll out new code for old stuff, they'd rather work on new code which sells new stuff. The old parts still perform at Intel spec, Intel doesn't need to keep any promises (they never made) about overclocked performance above Intel spec - important since the vast majority of the affected parts are installed in Big Money enterprise platforms which require the security and always run strictly within Intel spec. The obvious win for Intel (and they know they're gonna win) is to basically force those enthusiasts who want overclocks to discard old Intel parts and rush out to buy overclockable new Intel parts.

The only backfire against Intel's recurring strongarmed lack of ethics/loyalty is some customers abandoning them "forever" for AMD ... it's all happened before, it's all happening again, but a small horde of disgruntled enthusiasts swearing new fealty to Team Red are just not enough to have much impact where Intel really makes its big revenues ... Intel loses a little money (some new Intel-haters join the crowd, meh), while Intel also gains a lot of money (selling piles of new CPUs!) ... they really have no motivation at all to change a methodology which has been lucrative for them so many times in the past.

Cheese and Rice man!
I just watched conspiracy theory last night.

OK this worked for me
Uninstall KB4100347 it will prompt a restaart, before restart download and install wushowhide and hide this update until they get a BIOS fix.
Back to where I was with a 4.8GHz OC on a 7900X all 10 cores.


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Well, I just fixed it by updating the microcode for my BIOS version and CPU Model myself.
This will help.
I have a R5E and used Bios 3504 (the best one working for me) and updated the microcode for my 6950x myself - flashed it via USB method and it works perfectly.

I suggest, anyone who has a dual Bios just do it - not much to lose. If you don´t have dual Bios or you don´t have the means or skill to flash the eeprom yourself afterwards, don´t do it.
If anyone wants 3504 for 6950x, contact me.

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I got prerelease bios from asus support. Not tested yet and they say please not share it. I think its only updated ucode.

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I have the same problem. ROG STRIX X99 GAMING with the 1902 beta BIOS and a i7 6800K running Windows 10 1809, overclocking no longer works.
How likely is it that we will get a fix for this problem since the motherboard is an older model?.

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lol @ Cheese and Rice 😉

But seriously, I think Intel will only offer three options: old Intel part which can overclock but is vulnerable, old Intel part which can't overclock but is secure, new Intel part which can overclock and is secure. It's all they're strictly obligated to do. We might expect/want more, but what compelling reason is there for Intel to want to spend their money (instead of taking our money) on providing us with more?
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Level 7
@Stuwph: Thanks for the BIOS mod 3902. I tried this and it works for me with Win10 x64 pro 1803 and KB3400347 installed on an RVE. Overclocking works again.

copied ALL actual intel microcodes to ubu and rendered this bios
maybe it works on on suitable cpu's ?!

nic is also updated

microcode for my 6950X is on 31 now - seems to overclock with lower vcore!AvGS4gjR6ucjkedhYAqg_kjzmvag0Q

hello @stuwph i have this microcode B00002E Is new?
who microcode you put in this R5E.CAP? thanks a lot

PanosXidis24 wrote:
hello @stuwph i have this microcode B00002E Is new?
who microcode you put in this R5E.CAP? thanks a lot

I used the instructions from this thread:

Level 7
@Stuwph: Thanks for the new version of BIOS mod 3902. I tried this and it works fine for me again (Win10 x64 pro 1803 and KB3400347 installed on an RVE).
Overclocking works.