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Will we see a Rampage V board with native 3.1 ports???

Level 7
MSI just released this beast:

will we see a competing board from Asus anytime soon? I really don't want to leave Asus for MSI but this board is just too tempting. The latest revision of the Rampage V doesn't even have built in native USB 3.1 support - instead you have this really silly stupid 3.1 add on card which takes up one of your PCIe lanes. c'mon Asus lift your game!

Level 10

Level 10
We should see something like the Black Edition maybe next year but yes that new MSI Godlike motherboard looks very tempting. And they make very solid boards. Although the RVE is a good board Asus is starting to lag behind the competition with all the upgraded features the others are including.
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Your question is my suffering... I don't know why they didn't done same with X99 E WS. For that no excuse.
ASUS should know that USB 3.1 Port Card is useful for people with i7-5820K.
USB 3.1 is not so important to drop speed of graphic card on x8 and to leave people without options for Sound Card.
But it's still very important thing if someone choose motherboard for 3 years.
First my personal opinion is that every high end motherboard should have one
PCIE x1 for Sound Card and one PCIEx4 slot for something as USB 3.1or Intel 750 SSD, etc...
and than such small device can't make problem to graphic cards.
They should offer R5E with native USB 3.1 before 3 months.
USB 3.1 card everyone could install, everyone on any board.
And even to choose ASRock USB 3.1 Port card with Type A + Type C connectors together.
I think even old board could become USB 3.1 on that way.

Level 9
i wouldn't even use/need a Usb 3.1. usb 3.0 or thunderbolt is enough, and the MSI ''Godlike'' looks too ''Childlike'' for my taste, with all that RGB light, but thats my opinion.
because a motherboard has a usb 3.1 doesn't mean its supperior. if you really need an usb 3.1(build in) you always got an ASUS SABERTOOTH?

and MSI's Turbo Socket (with 203 connector pins)? come on! thats what i call a *cough* rip off from Asus!

in my honest opinion Asus always comes first with new technologies, and other brands just make an rip off from it. sad but true.

Level 7
I'd much rather prefer the REV over the MSI Godlike. Just because some bling is lacking doesn't mean ASUS is falling behind the competition. Go down to websites like and look at the amount of blocks that get made specifically for the REV will show you why enthusiasts prefer this board. USB 3.1 isn't really such a big deal yet. The amount of USB 3.1 devices on the market right now could be counted on ones hands. If you really need such fast bandwidth now wouldn't Thunderbolt be a better fit. Aesthetics vary from person to person.

Finally it comes down to choice, if the MSI board has what you want, just buy that. That's the way the consumer market works.

Level 40
I would speculate that yes, ASUS will release a new version of the RVE...the Gigabyte SOC champion and this new MSI board are obviously built with stuff learned on the X99 platform...the RAM 3400+ support for example and USB3.1 trump the RVE specs...perception being nine tenths of the law as far as sales go I'd guess they would react..

Gigabyte copied the OC socket so have alll the cache and core OC goodness as well as RAM OCing...not sure if MSI have done here...if not OC might not be RVE level

RVEBE would make sense and maybe sooner rather than later...

Level 40
With the release of the latest "roadmap" I wonder if the RVBE would come for beginning 2016 with Broadwell E?

Would it look like this

Level 14
Previous Black Edition mobos seem have always been released as a response to competitor offerings. The R5E is still among the best X99 mobos and (I think) still selling strong ... I don't think an RVBE will exist until one or more competitors offer X99 products clearly superior to the RVE in every measurable capacity. I'm of the opinion that this so-called Godlike mobo (as excellent as it is) doesn't qualify, lol - specifically, I would expect an RVBE to have far more substantial upgrades over the RVE than just a pair of upgraded USB ports.

The motherboard "armor" might be strictly cosmetic or it might actually offer a real (thermal) performance advantage, but either way it can always be sold as a separate accessory.

No accounting for taste ... but I personally think the Godlike looks really childish and ugly. I'm not overly fond of ROG angular styling and red-black colour theme, either, but I'd take it any day over that toy-candy Godlike appearance. Unless maybe I wanted to do a custom "Jolly Ranchers meets Hot Wheels" theme, lol.
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Level 40
I have always bought for quality and performance and I have never had any MB except ASUS...until now

I recently bought a SOC Champion and I think I will give this MSI a go...this should ring alarm bells for ASUS. There are now boards that offer more...I can only presume they will respond sooner rather than later...

The SOC and this Godlike have better RAM specs better USB specs on the Godlike...dual LAN on the Godlike...m2 takes from SATA connections not PCIe lanes it seems which is of course the way you want it...big miss there from everybody else...All have OC sockets now so ASUS advantage has gone there.

Vs the SOC Champion the only advantage the RVE has for me is the BIOS , not something to be sneezed at (anyone who can understand Gigabyte fan settings from the manual is a genius) but not a problem that can't be adapted to...the functionality is there and the price is better!

Point being I have never even been tempted to look before but now but I am no fan boy....I am a fan of quality, performance and customer loyalty is to myself and getting the most for my money.

ASUS resting on their laurels as they have, as well as throwing away customer support could spell trouble for them. These boards are good and if customer service for them is good then all of a sudden ASUS is no where near the clear choice they were even a year ago...