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When csm is disabled sometimes uefi doesn't recognize gpu as having uefi firmware.

Level 7
I'm running an Asus 660TI with the last firmware update installed, which gives the card uefi support. Sometimes the bios throws an error and turns csm back on, claiming the card isn't a uefi card. Just wondering if there's a fix for this, or if the older cards uefi implementation is buggy.

Level 11
I've had it, rarely, on my 980Ti's as well. Usually only right after I've updated the BIOS one way or another. I've found that doing a full shutdown (as in, not just restarts) is necessary to resolve the problem.

Level 7
Well, it sounds like the newer the card the more likely it'll be detected correctly.

Level 11
What would make you conclude that from what I said? I've got pretty much *the* newest card possible and I do get it sometimes. How often is it happening to you, and do you get it outside of the context of changes to the BIOS?

Level 14
You can ensure the GPU card VBIOS isn't buggy by reflashing it. It's an elderly card, perhaps the firmware is corrupted, certainly the warranty is long expired, it already doesn't work properly, you really don't have much to lose with the effort. Not much you can do if the VBIOS firmware actually contains buggy badly-written code, but this would correct VBIOS firmware which has somehow degraded or been compromised from a working state to a nonworking state.

As Qwinn stated above, a cold reboot with all power fully off (or even disconnected) can sometime remedy borderline firmware devices. Old bootloader components can be finicky and cantankerous, sometimes they need a hard kick to get going.
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Level 7
I probably have issues with booting every five boots. I'm just saying it sounds like the newest uefi firmware is less buggy than older firmware.

Level 8
I agree with Chino.

leave CSM enabled. If you need secure boot, I don't think you can enable CSM though (I might be wrong). I dual boot Linux and Windows 7, both UEFI, and have never had an issue. I have dual 980 TIs.

Edit: Headache avoidance is always a goo thing.

I had a similar issue which is too early to know if its fixed but if i disabled csm waking from sleep in windows 10 would lock up and i would have to reset or power off, if i enabled csm i would get regular d6 qcode sometimes just from restart but mostly it would be after the pc has been in sleep mode and then restarted, when the d6 was there it would happen every time i pressed reset button untill power off and then back on. after powering back on it would say about the gpu (980 ti sli) not supporting uefi so csm has been enabled.

Then i found out that after uninstalling my soundblaster zxr drivers sleep seemed to wake up with csm disabled then after reinstalling the zxr drivers it didn't wake again so i removed the soundcard and testing with onboard.

It seems like maybe it is confusing the zxr for a gpu or something. All i know is that if i shut down and cold booted it never had problems with UEFI GOP and whatever is happening causes a kind of boot loop where it won't post untill switched off

PS. I am not trying to necro the thread or anything just posting incase it helps work out what it is happening. I have had a few different codes with csm disabled which i think could be because of the hybrid vbios getting confused or something.

I don't know if it is related in any way but in my case that is when i got the UEFI GOP errors.

edit. i had a feeling after posting that it wouldn't reboot properly. this time i get qcode 98 then press reset button and get bf which turns off on its own after a minute or 2 and when switching back on it has enabled csm and all hard disk boot options again. i already tried memtest with no errors for 10 hours and reseated cpu gpu and ram 2 or 3 times (i don't know if whatever happened corrupted the bios but i have reflashed it at least 10 times now and getting concerned to flash much more) This doesn't matter if i leave ai tweaker all stock or if i put manual ram timings and everything seems to work properly once booted. maybe i need to ask EVGA if they have a UEFI only vbios because i think sometimes the bios or card gets confused which mode to run in ( if i enable csm and put uefi only on boot device, ignore on the middle 2 and uefi first for pcie it is ok i think if i put legacy only on pcie its hit and miss)

All this might be a red herring but just typing incase it is a bug that can be fixed or something.