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What software do I need? Other pointers?

Level 7
I am building a new system based on the Rampage V Extreme, as listed in the system specs, and I was curious to learn from people that have been running this board for awhile. I am just getting ready to actually fire this new system up and install all the drivers and software. I have a few questions before I start.

- I went to download all of the latest versions and found that there are 16 pieces of software listed on the ASUS website. What software do I need. Is there a list of software that someone has compiled saying what is needed?

- What firmware should I use? Stick with whatever is loaded on the board? Upgrade to 1801, 1902? What is the best way to update the BIOS? USB BIOS Flashback, EZ Update, ASUS EZ Flash 2, ASUS BIOS Updater, ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3?

- Is there anything else that I should know ahead of time?

If it helps I am planning on installing Windows 10 on the Samsung 950 Pro and using the tutorial to adjust the user forlders to the two WD SSHDs in RAID 1. This will be by far the highest end (cutting/bleeding edge) system I have ever built, though I have built probably six up to this point. I plan on running stock for awhile and OC'ing, which will be the first time that I've tried, at a later date.



Level 40
Hi paul 🙂

Depends a bit on what BIOS the board comes with...if it comes with 1302 or above you have NVME support and should be fine... though since you have two BIOS chips it won't hurt to load the latest onto one of them....

BIOS flashback is by far the best method in my experience.

Really, for drivers, all you need are the MEI driver, the LAN driver, the chipset driver, and the AMDA00

The rest are more or less optional depending....if you have a soundcard for example you wont need onboard sound...if you use onboard then obviously that driver etc.

Have fun setting up!