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Ubuntu Installation Issues - UEFI & ACPI?

Level 7

Currently I wish to set up a dual boot configuration with Ubuntu as my secondary OS. However, everytime I try booting from the bootable Ubuntu USB (Corsair Voyager 32GB) I get the following error:
The error occurs right after pressing "Install Ubuntu" and also the "Try Ubuntu without installing" option, and pressing any keys on the keyboard doesn't advance or provoke anything. The boot is just frozen with the above error message displayed.

The same error happens on both the LTS version and the 15.10 version of Ubuntu. The bootable Ubuntu USB has also been tested working on 2 other PCs (Not ASUS motherboards nor similar hardware), which leads me to believe the issue is somewhere in the UEFI or ACPI settings of the motherboard (ASUS Rampage V Extreme) OR due to the fact that I have no onboard or CPU integrated graphics but only a dedicated GPU (GTX 980 Ti).

As for my hardware setup, please see the signature.

The "what I've tried" list
- Bootable USB tested and confirmed working on other units with different hardware. However also tried with a simple no-brand USB, and it gives me the same error.
- Tried in both USB 2.0 and 3.0 port (directly on the motherboard)
- Both the LTS and 15.10 Ubuntu give me the same error. They are from the official Google download source.
- I have the latest BIOS version for my motherboard.
- I've tried with LEGACY ONLY and also UEFI as boot options, but they both give the error.
- I've tried with F5 "optimized defaults" BIOS settings (factory default), same error.
- I've tried adding nouveau.modeset=0 to the Linux line, as seen here: but it fails with the same error.
- I've tried adding nomodeset to the Linux line, as seen here: but it also fails with the same error.

I'm running out of ideas, do you guys know what I'm doing wrong?

Level 7
Writing "acpi=off" in the Linux parameter got me this far:

Level 14
Have you tried a different linux?
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