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Titan X - SLI, after win 10 upgade one missing

Level 7
I upgraded to win 10(fresh install), after the upgrade I installed the nvidia drivers and noticed that only one Titan X was recognized by the system. (both were there in win 8.1)

I recovered SLI by removing each card, starting the system with each card in slot 1 (2 restarts) and then reinstalling the second card in the PCIE_16 slot.

The problem seems to be a BIOS issue, the led for the PCIE_16 slot was off and it took the above procedure to get the 2nd card recognized again.

Has anyone got any idea what the real problem is and if there is a way to avoid this in future?

Level 8
I did not experience this issue, the only thing I had to do was installing Windows 10 compatible drivers.
I also performed a clean install just to be sure.

What bios are you on, 1502?