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ThunderboltEX 3 setup help

Level 10

Now i got the ThunderboltEX 3 card but there i have some questions , i got the card in the middle (Black slot) from the mother board and i installed the Driver,
well i know this was the wrong direction first driver and then the card ok , i took the card out and deinstalled the driver then i placed the card in again and now
i have the card visible in the BIOS(2101) and also in windows device manager under USB-Controler - Intel 3.1 eXtensible-Hostcontroler 1.10 but only here nothing more.
When i plug in now some USB stick , or external HDD then the little LED from the USB HDD or stick turns on but this is it nothing else i cant use the Devise from
Windows ... but it looks like its turned on and i have no error messages , so what i do wrong here ? maybe the secound installation wasnt enougth , maybe i
need to do all over again from zero , but how do i clean up - deinstallation then delete registry entry by hand i would be very happy someone have a helping hand
for me 🙂



Level 7
I know it's kind of an old thread but I've got the exact same problem.
I bought the ThunderboltEX 3 card 3 months ago, and it worked fine, until yesterday. Now it's just not working in the ways you described it.
Have you find any way to fix this ?

(english is not my first language so sorry 😉 ).

All of TB3EX users have experienced some variation of this issue at one point or the other with X99 😞 There's no easy fix. The one I found is to physically remove the add-in card, reset the BIOS, install the card and power-up again. Very painful. Right now it's now longer showing in device manager and I've disabled it in BIOS, it's not usable.

I also have this problem. Which PCI slot should it be in? I'm running dual titan Xp's... do I need to move one of them? Thanks!