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Thermal sensor issues

Level 8
Hi guys,

another issue with my RVE came up and I want to share it with you. 😉
I noticed that >sometimes< (I am not able to reproduce this safely, just happens around 1/3 of all boot ups) the AI Suite will not read the thermal sensors T_SENSOR2 and T_SENSOR3 - T_SENSOR1 seems to be perfectly fine - and will just display N/A.

If the board/software is in this condition and I try to simply reboot the machine it 100% gets stuck rebooting with Q-Code 0x61 (NVRAM initalization) or 0x79 (CSM initialization) - somewhat familiar and I begin to wonder if there are even other Q-Codes 😜
When this happens the mainboard does not come up again (always hanging at one of the two Q-Codes) until I un- and replug the PSU. (Note: If all sensors can be read by AI Suite rebooting is not an issue)

A normal shut-down and power-up/cold boot is perfectly fine however.

As stated in a few other threads, I am using a XP941 as my boot device. After I tried to reboot and got stuck the next few normal boot ups (after re-pluging the PSU) will take severely longer than normal until the system once again starts to boot up with the speeds I am expecting it to.

I do not expect a solution to this, I just wanted to drop this fyi. As I am aware this is a very specific/odd behavior that might only occur with my specific configuration. But maybe this information is of any use to someone at ASUS.
I also expect the sensors not to be the cause to a failed reboot, but rather be a side effect, with the real problem lying somewhat deeper.

Also it would be nice to hear if anyone has made the same mysterious experiences as I am - this board seems more and more haunted to me 😉 (or it's just trolling me, don't know...)


(All hardware is currently running @ stock)
RVE (obviously)
2 * GeForce GTX 980 in SLI (EVGA Classified)
64 GiB Corsair 2666 (@2133 Mhz in this scenario)
Samsung XP941 GiB as boot device
Samsung 1 TiB 850 Pro
Corsair AX1500i

Software wise every latest ASUS tool and driver is installed (basically the whole driver disc that came with the board including the updates found on the support-homepage).
OS is Win 8.1 Pro with all the latest Updates installed.
I am also using the Corsair Link software to monitor the PSU.

Level 13
Without config info and information of all software tools installed on the system, the post won't help others.

Level 8
You are right of course, edited the first post.
If it is of any use I could also dump a DxDiag or whatever.

Level 13
Try uninstalling Corsair Link - its not a good idea to use two software tools that poll the Super IO.

Level 8
Thanks for the suggestion, I will give it a try.
But to my knowledge (not that I can see any hints) other than the Corsair PSU-Link driver nothing else is loaded during boot regarding Corsair.
(It's only loaded when I manually run it - at least that is what I think right know, will look around a bit...)