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SupremeFx Hi-Fi Problem with windows 10 full creators update (1709).

Level 7
Hello Guys...
There is a problem shown up recently with the new update for windows 10 that called ( Full Creators Update), and the problem is after while from powering up my PC the Supreme Hi-Fi Device just went to the void like it's never exist in my build, whereas this happening. There is no sound coming out from it, and also. When you go to speaker icons in the bottom right in the screen to choose you playback device you can't find it, and I have to shutdown the PC and cut the power source from it to be able to see it again in the next fire up for case. After that it worked perfectly and then happened again and So On.
Any kinda of advice to preventing this problem?
Thank you in advance.

Level 7
Still..... the same thing happen always, sir!.