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SupremeFX Hi-Fi DAC Driver Update (V1.9.114.23) does not install Win 10 (not signed)

Level 7
When I try to install this driver, it does not work. It shows yellow bung/exclamation mark on the device manager.

Now I cannot use the SupremeFX Hi-Fi.

I tried to reboot safe options and select disable driver signature enforcement and this happens:


ASUS please sign the driver so the buyers of this motherboard can use their SupremeFX HiFi and install properly on Windows 10, because now everyone should be using Windows 10 for security. I will not install Windows 8 or Windows 7 and get my PC hacked because you are not doing the drivers properly.

You sold this motherboard compatible with Windows 10 so please make it work without asking users to hack it. I do not want to disable security settings, please provide a signed driver that works with Win 10 Creators Update.

I am a very unhappy buyer and I won't buy another ASUS product if you don't give me what I paid for.


I raised a technical query with ASUS technical support, the employee was really good in forwarding my queries to the upper levels at ASUS and this is what ASUS informed him:

Thank you for your patience throught this process. I'm very sorry to inform you that HQ has stated that WHQL drivers will not be supplied at this time. Unfortunately they would not disclose a reason for it. R&D may develop signed drivers in the future but we cannot make any guarantees of that at this time. I would suggest peridically checking the support page for updated drivers and try each of them.

If you find this makes the board not fit for purpose, we can only recommend returning it to the retailer. I truly apologize for the inconvenience.

ASUS should not delete my post because ASUS should not feel ashamed of their response. If they do not want to support the products that they sell that's fine. But let the customers beware of their views.

This is unacceptable. Windows 10 requires signed drivers after the Anniversary Update and ASUS clearly does not care. This board is less than 1 year old and one of the major features does not work, ASUS might as well remove the driver completely from the website as it only creates confusion and frustration.

The response above sealed the fate for me, ASUS products = NEVER AGAIN.

I feel it is totally unfair to the retailer who sold this to me in good faith, the retailer does not manufacture and does not provide support, it is ASUS' responsibility to provide appropriate and fully working drivers to their customers.

ASUS does not care about their customers. The response above saying that they "may" provide signed drivers is a way to cover their back, in fact they will never bother to provide anything at all, in their eyes this product is now unsupported/end of life.

Absolutely disgusting attitude from this company who lost my custom forever.

Level 15

It cannot be too difficult to deliver signed drivers, every other company is able to do it. Even some small devs. This not some cheap hardware, this is the top x99 board from ASUS and SupremeFX Hi-Fi is advertised as follows...

ROG knows sound matters to gamers and streamers, and that's why we include a front-panel headphone amp that delivers sound exactly how the studio intended — pure, unadulterated audio straight to your ears.

First "Test-Signing Mode" is as the name suggests for testing. Most games which use decent anticheat software, will flag you in Test-Signing mode. Yep, that's a super solution for gamers.

It's not my duty to fix ASUS shortcomings. There are lot's of contenders out there, will think twice before buying my next ASUS board.

Aysberg wrote:

First "Test-Signing Mode" is as the name suggests for testing. Most games which use decent anticheat software, will flag you in Test-Signing mode. Yep, that's a super solution for gamers.

Enable it to install the driver then revert when installation is finished.

Can you please provide instructions then?

It seems that to enable this I need to disable TPM and Bitlocker which is unacceptable, I do not want to disable encryption and protection of my machine even temporarily.

ASUS is pathetic, I will never buy anything from this company again. I specifically bought this board because of the AI Suite III that was supposed to do fan control automatically but it always crashes my computer with a BSOD due to a bad DLL, this is widely known and ASUS won't fix it. I also bought this board because of the premium DAC and I'm not able to use it on the currently supported (and only one going forward) operating system from Microsoft.

This is truly disgusting from ASUS and shows they do not care at all. It's a waste of money, why go through the effort to build such a nice looking DAC that even integrates in a drive bay and then not write the proper drivers for it which will install normally and without stupid hacks?

Chino wrote:
Try using the “Test Mode” or “Test Signing” Mode feature. 🙂

Level 7
This is so stupidly pathetic that it makes me sick to my stomach.

Level 10
I'm definitely quite underwhelmed to say the least after waiting a year for a proper update on the Supremefx hi-fi driver/software. Definitely not acceptable for the premium paid.

Will this work? I will give it a try over the weekend.

Seems updating RGB bling bling is more important than enabling an expensive DAC we paid for 😞

Level 8
tested in test mode works but low volume and turned off the test mode same problem driver digital signature failure
need help grand master

Has anyone checked to see if this fixes the non-sleep issue with the computer or monitor yet? Hell my DAC's been on the shelf since I bought this POS board back in Dec. 2016. I've been using ASUS boards since the 90's and you can put me in the camp of never buying a ASUS product again. Maybe they should make their software open source. I'm sure some 16 year old hack could do a better job.