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Strix x99 - RGB Header causing flickering and dull colours

Level 7

I've owned my Strix x99 Motherboard for little over a year and half, I've never used the RGB header.

Recently I've bought two Strix 1070's with a Strix/asus three-way SLI bridge and an adaptor for asus to phantex rgb header.

I wanted to sync my SLI bridge and my case with the motherboard, after connecting everything, I've found that:

1- The colours do not match even after syncing, weak/off colours.
2- On rainbow and breathing effects the SLI bridge and case will flicker on colour changes especially red.
3- When syncing the SLI bridge, red is purple and the remaining colours are weak.

The graphic cards, G.Skill ram sticks and the motherboard itself do not have this issue and work perfectly.

I've checked my bio's settings and the RGB header is enabled.

Is there a work around to fix this issue?

Thank you 😄