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Strix X99 Gaming - connecting storage devices to USB ports causes BSOD in windows 10

Level 7
I wanted to check with you guys and girls: Have you encountered this? I found this to have happened due to a recent cumulative windows 10 update which started this all issue - I would connect any flash drive or usb hard drive, or even my phone to my PC, and after a while, or when I try to eject it - a blue screen of death would follow.
Only once I uninstalled the last cumulative update - the issue has been resolved.
Insights? Thoughts?

Level 10
Something in the update is corrupting your USB driver by the sounds of it.

Chino wrote:
Just avoid the update.

I did, but this only defers it to a month ahead. and it's not a real solution..

Level 10
Unfortunately, if it's something to do with Microsoft (which it most certainly sounds like it is), it's not something our tech guys can do anything about.

You can try reporting this issue to Microsoft (perhaps post it on their forums, quoting the update KB#) and see what is said.

Otherwise, I know it's something that is regularly suggested, but hated by everyone, is perhaps trying to do a complete fresh install of Windows / resetting Windows...