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SLI TITAN X will not work with Intel 750SSD in any PCIE slot

Level 7

I tried a couple of things here, dunno which one fixed the issue but my system is solid now!

(1) Replaced the SLI bridge with one from my EVGA GTX TITAN Box
(2) Completely blw out the drivers, Uninstalled everything Nvidia, then REGEDIT Delete all Nvidia, then also Ran Driver sweeper for good measure.
(3) Did a complete fresh install of 359.00 Drivers
(4) Moved the SSD back to slot 4
(5) Hooked up the EZ-Plug Molex power

For future space travelers that may have the same issue and find this thread for advice and solace. My best opinion on what my problem was = A bad or inadequate SLI Bridge. Because this SLI problem carried over from when I was running windows 7, so the issue had to be physical. I am sure connecting the molex EZ-Plug was significant, but that did not solve my problem alone. Also, moving the SSD back to slot 4 was probably not it as I had it in slot 4 before.


For the life of me I cannot get SLI to work when I have my Intel 750SSD in one of the pCIE slots. SLI worked fine until I put this Intel 750ssd on the PCIE lanes...I spoke with Vega as he has a similar setup and hes got no problems running SLI at all.

I have tried my TITAN Xs in slots 1 & 3 with the intel in slot four.
I have tried my TITAN Xs in slots 1 & 2 with the intel in slot four then three
I swapped out my Gskill ram for corsair dominator ram...but still no luck.
I have tried each card separately and they work fine.....its not a temperature issue as everything is under water.

I am running windows 8.1, but had the same problem when I was running windows 7....for some reason I cannot get SLI to function when the intel is in a pcie slot mad.gif

Basically with SLI enabled, I can play a game for about ten seconds then everything locks up and I usually hear weird sound buzzing noise from my speakers, then I usually get a bsod.....or GSOD...whatever that error screen is in windows 8 that it says sorry but gonna restart your system

I am pulling my hair out. I have tried almost every Nvidia driver and updated my Bios.....Im at a loss

Level 11
Do you have the EZ_PLUG connected to the PSU?

And, like Chino says: "List your complete system specifications."
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Level 7
Thanks Chino & Hardliner, my system specs are:

Intel I7-5960X
Rampage 5 Extreme Bios 1701
Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB Model CMD16GX4M4B3000C14
EVGA GTX TITAN X SLI with EK waterblocks
Onboard Realtek Digital Output
Windows 8.1 64bit (6.3, Build 9600)
Antec 1200 PSU
* I am not using the EZ_Plug

screen capture tool

hosting image

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I would definitely use the EZ plug.
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Level 11
When you have more than one GPU, the EZ_PLUG should be connected to the PSU or the MOBO will likely have problems.
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OK I am confused....what is an EZ plug? I thought it was that stupid diagnostic thing that looked like a remote control???

Level 15
I can't see it clearly in your pictures. But assuming you have installed your 2 GTX Titan X's in the PCIe 3.0 x16_1 slot and PCIe 3.03 x16/8_3 slot, then you should install your Intel 750 in the PCIe 3.0 x8_4 slot. That way both your GPU will run at x16/x16.

Level 11
Just to confirm, what Chino described is very much the optimal configuration. It's the only way you can get 16x lanes for both your cards and maximum performance from your Intel 750 (my setup is very similar to yours, just 980Ti's instead of Titans). If you put your Intel 750 in between the two Titans, it'll work, and you may not even realize anything is wrong, but because the slot is not Gen 3.0, the Intel 750's performance will be cut by almost half.

Sadly, it means that your bottom video card and your Intel 750 will be virtually touching. Once that 2nd GPU starts to droop a bit, it can even make a fan touch the backplate of the Intel 750, as recently happened to me. I've actually had to put a dime between the bottom GPU and my Intel 750 to separate them just far enough so that my middle fan on my 980Ti spins properly. Did that last night. Seems to be working okay, and did resolve the problem for now, actually lowered my fan noise a bit too.

As for EZ-plug, I just found out about it myself. There are actually two plugs on your board you should hook up, which deliver additional power to your motherboard for stability. One uses a CPU cable, 4 pin (though you'll probably have to use a split-8 cable, as I did), that plugs in right at the top of the board above and a little to the right of the CPU socket. The other, and this one is probably more important to your setup, is a plain old molex connector at the very very bottom of the board, just below where your Intel 750 will be plugged in in fact. The molex pins are parallel to the surface of the board, facing down - basically you have to look at the board edge-on to see them as they are covered by a shield. Your PSU almost certainly came with the proper cable for it. Plug it into any Peripheral plug on your PSU on one side and a female molex connector on the other into the board.

Level 11
The EZ_Plug header is in between the HDD Audio header and the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) header at the bottom-edge of the MOBO. It requires a 4-pin peripheral (some people call it a "molex") connector to the PSU.

Look on page 1-42 of the R5E User Guide to see a MOBO schematic pointing it out and to read more about it. You can connect it (I use a 90-degree 4-pin connector) while still being able to install your Intel 750 add-in card in the PCIe 3.0 x8_4 slot.
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