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simple problem: BLuetooth

Level 7
Hello i have a little problem with the bluetooth that comes with the rampage V extreme motherboard.
i lost the little antenna(external) that comes with the board so its range is like 10cm from my computer case atm

I got myself a bluetooth adapter to replace it with but i have no idea how to disable the bluetooth on the motherboard.
I have tried disabling the bluetooth controller in the bios (only bluetooth option i saw) but that just disables all bluetooth

so i am not sure what i should be doing
This is prob a very silly problem, just something i am missing somewhere but i have no idea and google does not really help atm

I hope someone here can help me
If anyone needs further information just yell

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I would probably disable the device in the Windows Device Manager.
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xeromist wrote:
I would probably disable the device in the Windows Device Manager.

oke that seems to work.

Thanks kinda weird i could not disable it in bios or the actuall bluetooth window >.<
this was a lot easier in windows xp/7 😧

Really thanks btw ;3 now i can get my controllers and remote speaker to work 😄

Level 11
you can disable in the bios the bluetooth and wifi. under advance onboard devices configuration. I turn off all things i dont use allways.