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Sanity Check Sata express slots Rampage V

Level 7
Afternoon all,

General question for someone that knows about the 2 sataexpress slots located on the Rampage V board
Now from what I've read in the book, Rampage v has, 8 x sata 3 slots + 2 sata express slots which also double up as 4 more sata 3 slots that can be used as sata 3

Just wanted to make sure I'm reading this correct.

So in theroy I can have 8 drives connected via sata 3 connectors and 4 connected through the satae slots as sata 3 with normal sata cables?

Thanks in advance

Level 40
That is correct...

One Sata express is Intel the other AS media....there are conflicts with the AS media Sata express if you want to use some PCIe raid on any but the 1-6 Intel sata ports if I remember correctly

My last sanity check was never so...

Level 7
Hi Arne,

Cool, Just need to plug a normal ssd in as I've run out of the standard sata 3 connectors. I shouldnt have so many hard drives 🙂

One can certainly go insane trying to figure out how bandwidth is shared among PCIE slots, M.2 sockets, and SATA ports, but it is usually in the manual even if cryptically described. I have found that it helps to know which PCIE, M.2 and SATA ports are controlled by the CPU versus which are controlled by the chipset as bandwidth conflicts appear to be confined within CPU versus chipset connected ports. To help you with this, CPU-controlled PCIE slots are usually one color while chipset-controlled PCIE slots are a different color (usually black). And I think that "shared bandwidth" usually means that if you occupy a PCIE slot, then any shared M.2 socket or SATA port becomes disabled. It is insane, but figuring it out is part of the fun of building it yourself. It feels so good when the pain stops:)