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RVE Troubleshooting, Failing CPU?

Level 7
I woke my pc up from a sleep more state this morning and I saw the login screen and the system crashed. It attempted to reboot and has been giving me the attached BSOD when booting windows ever since. I have never seen a garbled BSOD before and it loads in a few garbled characters at a time before rebooting again. Tries to go to automatic repair and the mobo posts a 61 code after being at f6.

I've basically torn down the whole build troubleshooting and I can't seem to figure this out. The system is on water and never had a leak or issue. Usually have the 5930k at 4.0ghz and ram at 2400 with stock voltages, but have it at 3.5 and 1600 for troubleshooting.

Taken out all components and usb peripherals except the CPU, motherboard, single stick of ram, graphics card, even removed the NVMe and booted just to a windows 10 install- the usb will give the same bsod with only a keyboard connected.
Swapped the ram sticks, slots and run memtest, no errors
Reseated the CPU
Downgraded the bios, upgraded again to 4101
Swapped the primary and backup bios chips in their sockets on the mobo
Reset the bios to defaults
Removed all over clocks and set ram to 1600mhz, tried with extra voltage on the CPU and memory as well as stock voltages.
Put in a fresh NVMe
Swapped video cards and pcie slots
Swapped power supplies
Enabled and disabled CSM
Changed secure boot settings
Turned off cpu features like virtualization

Only thing I can't swap is the CPU because I only have the single 2011-v3 chip.

Loading into a live usb drive with give me a Linux kernel panic.

BSOD says unexpected kernel mode trap if it ever finishes loading before rebooting.

Bios seems to function completely normal, only when booting windows off the drive or the usb do I get the bsod.

Any help appreciated! This one is driving me up the wall.

EDIT. I randomly disabled some of the cores and from some troubleshooting, I can get the system to boot if I have Core 1 disabled. I am assuming this is just a failing CPU and there is nothing I can do at this point except leave the core disabled or get a new mobo/cpu...

Level 7
Sounds like what happened to me with my 5960x, I wouldn't even get to WIndows loading until I disabled Core 0. Ultimately, it was just a failing processor. Was the first time I've ever seen a processor fail so was a little shocking, previously been running the 2500k and 3770k and they're still going strong.

Level 9
Do you know anyone with a LGA 2011v3 cpu you could borrow just to test? If not, I would get one for cheap like $30 on ebay to test, if you really wanna hold on to it. I just upgraded to 6950x a friend gave to me after upgrading. Even though broadwell-e was a tiny jump it destroys my old 5930k at 4.3ghz.

ps let us know if you figured it out?