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RVE BIOS 3501 & CPU Power Phase Control

Level 7
Hi all, does anybody noticed the change in bios 3501 regarding in the CPU Power Phase Control. On my system, whatever the setting applied (in the BIOS or in AI Suite), it remains on standard setting.
Maybe Is it a default on my system or may I have misunderstood something ?

Thanks in advance for your answer(s) and sorry for my bad english.

Level 8
hi Zara
Try to load Bios settings to default and reinstall AI Suite 3

Thank you, FuryA, I'll test this. On the other hand I can not find the AI Suite III Cleaner, the links available on the forum are no longer valid.

Just a clarification, I'm not zara, but it does not matter.
Thanks again.

I completely uninstalled and reinstalled AI Suite following Chino's explanations, but the problem remains the same. I can not set the Power Phase Control CPU to "Optimized".
It's weird, with the previous bios I had not encountered this flaw.
I made clear CMOS and I even reflashed the bios, to be sure, but it did not change anything.
It is true that this is not an important concern, but I like my system works as it should.
Perhaps a future bios will solve the problem ...