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RVE and M.2 Issues

Level 7
First of all - my config, and some other Information that may by relevant.

- RVE bios 1502
- 5960x
- corsair h110i gt
- Corsair 16GB PC4-17100U DDR4-2132 (15-15-16-37 4-52-17-6)
- 2x GTX970 Asus Strix
- 1x Samsung SM951
- Mix other disc
- 1500i Corsair

Scenario. I had ordered and installed my new SM951, happy as dandy, but I noticed slow speeds compared to what the benchmarks should be telling me. Dug deeper, and found out my supplier had sent me an XP941 instead... the slow(er) speeds explained..

But while digging, I found out that the drive was continuously generating (trough Acronis) alot of :

Event type: Warning
Event source: Ntfs
Event category: 0
Event code: 134
Date: 2015/07/17
Time: 13:42:32

The transaction resource manager on volume C: encountered an error during recovery. The resource manager will continue recovery.

The Health of the drive was reported as 100%. Didnt bother too much about it, since I was getting a replacement drive and the correct SM951.

Strange thing is, with the fresh new install (Windows 8.1 update with all latest updates etc), acronis is still giving me these errors on total random intervalls. Disk Health is reported as 100%. I can not detect any impact, so I am wondering if these are false positives or something I have configured incorrectly.

Fyi, for setup I followed Chinos guide here, but other relevant guides found.

Any suggestions ?

Level 15

Level 7
Small update for future reference if someone else encounters this.

Have not done anything since my last post, been away on business travel.

It seems like the system have corrected this issue by itself after a few hundred errors...

Event type: Warning
Event source: Ntfs
Event category: 0
Event code: 130

Date: 2015/07/27
Time: 22:26:29

The file system structure on volume C: has now been repaired.