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RVE, 6950x and Cache Voltage

Level 7

today I installed my new 6950x on my RVE (Bios 3501). Also works fine with 4,0Ghz CPU clock speed.
Now I want to set the CPU Cache voltage for 3.7 GHz by using adaptive mode.
Can anyone tell me the values to set for it?

Level 40
Pretty sure that adaptive cache is still not working

Manual or offset

But the value, of course, no one can tell you since that is different for each have to find that kind of thing out for yourself. Don't take anyone else's figures.

Level 14
max cache on BW-E chips is about 38 @ 1.3 volts, I would definitely stay under 1.3 regardless if you can reach 3.7 or not.

CPU vcore use adaptive voltage, for cache use offset, on my board setting offset to 0.300 equals 1.28 to 1.30 volts under load, use one good monitoring program and watch your temps under load, a cache overclock will raise temps, especially CPU package temp

As Arne said I am not sure adaptive works for cache, it didn't used to and I have never tried

OK, thanks.

I have set it to "Offset Mode" +0,199 and set the ratio to 35. This works fine (1 hour RealBench StressTest). Higher Speed is not needed for me. I think 36 with an offset +0,199 will work to, but system stability is more important for me.

Level 10
I run 36 at +0.1v and 37 at +0.15v offset.

Level 7
@enyceedanny: +0,1 offset and ratio 35 works fine for me to. I did not tried ratio 36. 35 is enough.