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ROG x99 Strix Gaming List of issues

Level 7

I've replaced my motherboard once already with a brand new one after it gave the dreaded Q Code 00 a few months after purchase and as it turns out, fried itself and the CPU at the same time..
After I've replaced the Motherboard and CPU, I even bought a UPS to stabilize the current as I understood the motherboard is sensitive (as it shouldn't be) to fluctuations in the home power grid.
But, even since replacing the board and having almost a year (about) of mostly no issues, I've started noticing some instability again recently.
Here are the symptoms:

1. Two BSOD screens upon boot in the last week or so. Different ones - seems to be referring to the RAM which has been tested thoroughly and found to be fine. It also may have to do with IOMAP64.sys - so I've removed Aura and I'll keep monitoring.
2. Blurry/Fuzzy text. This morning I left the PC running for a few minutes after turning it on, and when I came back I found that all the text on the screen (windows 10 pro) turned fuzzy. I shut the PC down properly, took out the power cord, and power cycled before plugging it back in and turning it on. For now it's running fine.
3. Slow response when opening applications in windows. It's not terribly slow, but still noticeable - considering the powerful setup I'm running. Office applications, and other programs take a few seconds to respond.

All drivers are updated and the OS is fully updated as well. It may be connected to the latest windows update which caused issues to many, but the blurry text does not connect with that. System seems to be running hotter than usual as well.

Did anyone else noticed these issues lately?

Level 9
the same psu with both boards and cpus?

Level 7
Yes. But PSU was tested and works fine.