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Rog Strix B450F Gaming Mothrboard will not boot any Windows, but will boot Ubuntu

Level 7

I am a YouTuber whose current system started randomly crashing. After replacing every part of the computer except for the motherboard/processor and still having the same issue, I decided it was time to make a new build.

I bought the Rog-Strix B450F Gaming motherboard with a Ryzen 7 processor to go with it. Upon hooking up everything, I found my hard drive that had Windows 10 installed will not boot. The computer seems to go to sleep instead of load Windows. I have a Widnows 10 Startup disk, however, I get the message that the disk has no boot media when I try to boot from it. I have a bootable Windows 10 Flash drive and I again get the message that the flash drive has no boot media. I have an old Windows 7 install disk that loads the gray bar, but crashes every time it gets the the Windows start animation.

However, I have an old Ubuntu disc that loads just fine in my disk drive. The disks and hard drives are all visible in BIOS as well as Ubuntu. Plus, these mediums all work as expected with my old motherboard installed (it just still randomly crashes).

I've tried every CSM variable I can think of in BIOS. I am at a loss as to how to get my new build to run Windows and am working on my old build just to have a functioning computer (though everyday it functions a bit less). What can I do to get my new build to load Windows?

Level 13
when you installed windows to that drive, did you install it using MBR or GPT?
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It is GPT

As an experiment, I tried running the new build with a new solid state drive with none of my other drives attached. The results were exactly the same.