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ROG Rampage V Edition 10 vs ROG Strix X99 Gaming?

Level 7
I need to buy 3 boards.. lol 😄 (Have one 6950x that I not tested much and two 5960x 4.5/4.6) and
wondering if the ROG Strix X99 Gaming have similar OC features and capability as the ROG Rampage V Edition 10?
In short 3 Strix or 2 Strix + 1 RVE10? On spec they both seem very similar, except audio?.
3 RVE10 is no go at the moment cause some places want 725+ USD already and other stores tend to set same prices where I live...
Does both support Broadwell-E with shipped BIOS?
Also is sound very different between the two when not using headphones? I connect to an Onkyo amp mostly.

Had a RVE before great board 🙂

Level 10
I see money is not problem for you and on your place I would not think twice... one of board should be Rampage V 10th Edition for your main RIG and always near you.
Your prime configuration.
If I need to choose now two X99 motherboards, different. One is ASUS X99-E 10G WS and other is Rampage V 10th Edition, for me they are best on market and two different styles.
Yes both motherboards support Broadwell-E out of box, that's normal.

Level 7
Thank you for the advice, your reply made me wait for the better option I think 😄
After looking a bit more I found Rampage V Edition 10 to be very different from Strix X99 Gaming.
So I pre-ordered two Rampage V Edition 10, hopefully 2 weeks until I get them^^
Maybe a third one later, not sure on that one yet.
The X99-E 10G WS looked very nice too. 🙂

Level 10
Be patient and wait RV10THE. X99-E 10G WS is great but I would recommend that board for someone who no time for gaming and use CPU for rendering and few GPUs.
RV10THE is gaming/overclocking motherboard and better for someone who is more oriented for entertainment, fun, gaming, benchmark tests, etc...
But comparing look and functions I would choose RV10E without doubt before any WS board now.
I expect big demand for RV10E Black, on all sides I see only positive comments and silence from other manufacturers and their fans. 😄
This hardware when no one can't say This is not good, some other board have better this, better that... RV10E first than one place empty than other boards.
I must say that most of people will be satisfied with ASUS X99 Strix. For 300$ they get really great board but Rampage series is story for self.