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Realtek HD "popping" on outputs everytime a sound is made. Disable power saving?!

Level 7
With my Logitech speakers, everytime I browse a web page and then hit a link, I hear a slight pop sound. This is because the Realtek HD sound controller is power saving the speaker outputs aggressively as soon as there is no output. Due to the low impedance of the Logitech speakers, this means when the amps reactivate, the slightest noise is heard, in this case as a little but annoying pop. When sound is coming out continuously everything is fine. This has been an issue with previous Realtek chipsets on other motherboards and there was either a power saving option in the Realtek control panel to disable it, or a registry hack. Previously documented registry hacks don't work.

Does anyone know how to stop the soundcard from power saving?

Level 7
Hi i had similar problem , it hapened few times after exiting bios some pop noise every 15 seconds it poped few minutes and then it stoped by it self . At first i thought on board audio was broken ,but now for few days i dont here it anymore ,and when it hapened i changed to higher quality then 24bit 48000 hz and sound started screching i changed back as it was and all normal again so i suppose 24bit 48000 hz is max onboard audio can do .

Level 7
Ah....I just posted a thread as I am having the same issue man. Just built a sweet system around the Rampage V Extreme, great O/C, stable as anything....but this Realtek rubbish? Why do Mobo Manufacturers still use it! The popping is killing me.

hey! Have you found a solution? Because my motherboard makes some popping as well.

i am having the same problem
help please

Level 11
Mine is worse than that. I get the popping like most, but when my sound chip activates I get a horrible buzzing, sometimes short and sometimes goes on for 10 seconds or so. See the discussion in THIS THREAD.

If you scroll to the end of it you see what I did, and it helps as a good workaround.