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Realtek HD Audio Manager & Win 10 Creator's Update (build 1703)

Level 7
Anyone noticed problems with this on the new version of windows? It keeps crashing for me (stopped working dialog)

It also seems to have disappeared from Start, I'm sure you used to be able to access it from there by typing in realtek

Can only start it up manually with C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\RtkNGUI64.exe (but it is crashing when i try to change some settings, but not always... sometimes i can change a slider once, then i change it again and it crashes, very erratic)

Level 7
I've noticed zero issue with it on my pc running Windows 10 Pro 1703.15063.332 on my Maximus VIII Hero mobo.
Though, I did a clean install the day Creators Update was released.
Open it up through Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Realtek HD Audio.

Level 7
It doesn't appear in Cortana, other than to do a online search, but it does in Control Panel like I stated above.
That's just like in Creators Update GodMode works, but the folder for it has no writing(name), just the Control Panel icon.
It does work other than no name, though.

Level 7
Yeah it doesn't appear in cortana or online search, i'm sure it used to

I'm on clean install of the update too

It does appear in control panel but clicking it doesn't do anything

Does the panel you have look like this:

or like this?

Mine looks like the bottom one. I have another pc that has a panel that looks like the top one, not sure if they are the same

Level 7
I am having the same issue and have since emailed ASUS