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Random restarts with 3009 and 3101

Level 7
I have used every single bios extensively as they have been released; all on default settings. With bios 3009 and 3101, I am experiencing random, hard resets. This doesn't happen under load; it can happen even at idle or small load. Oddly, I didn't even have this issue with the beta 3008 bios. Any suggestions as I would like to keep my bios up to date.
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Griever wrote:
Hmmm, they are insinuating that there is something wrong with your board, specifically, when that is clearly not the case. That's a bit insulting to all of us here, really. At any rate, beta bios 0044 is still running great for me with no restarts after many weeks. I still have issues with the Asmedia USBs powering on and the occasional double pump at startup that I can't explain, but these issues have been there from the start and I have just learned to live with them.

In that case, how can we obtain 0044 bios?

TheNaitsyrk wrote:
In that case, how can we obtain 0044 bios?

Look here:

bgen5pax wrote:
Look here:

Thanks, I guess I missed it in this thread.

Does it work well for you? Also, is this a custom BIOS?

TheNaitsyrk that reply is a joke they say that this isn't a known issue but refuse to acknowledge the load of people with this problem and refuse to go and have a look at this thread unreal :mad:

Tattie wrote:
TheNaitsyrk that reply is a joke they say that this isn't a known issue but refuse to acknowledge the load of people with this problem and refuse to go and have a look at this thread unreal :mad:

Indeed. I left a complaint on their website. It was sent directly to them, I'll post a reply once I get it.

Tattie wrote:
I contacted them and even pointed them to this thread but this is the response i got.

This is my response:

Service Provider : PaulPlease help us improve by rating our Customer Satisfaction survey.
All our agents are currently busy, please stay on the line.12:27
Hi, This is ASUS Online Service Center, my name isPaul, how can I help you?12:30
Hello, how can I help you ?12:30
His. 12:30
I have an issue with asus rampage v motherboard. 12:31
Let me explain, I have been experiencing random restarts since I bought the mothe board. 12:31
When I received the motherboard I updated the BIOS to 3301 and few days ago I updated the BIOS to 3402.12:32
Unfortunately, both of these bioses cause my system to randomly restart with no warning.12:33
What is important to note is that BIOS updates are not mandatory nor always required. If your system works and does all that you need and want it to do then do not update to a newer BIOS.

The later BIOS updates are there mainly to fix issues that users have reported. A functioning system does not need any fix and those fixes might just break a functioning system. The fixes are generally specific to certain hardware sets. And since there are thousands of different hardware combinations unfortunately it can happen for a fix to one set to break another. 12:34
The thing is that I had issues since I bought it.12:35
Please make sure that you use the preinstalled BIOS version12:36
If I didn't update the BIOS I believe I wouldn't be able to use my 3.1 USB card.12:36
Not to mention other bug fixes wouldn't be there and I'd have to deal with different issues even if the computer doesn't restart. In addition, I have done absolutely everything to see what causes the restarts and nothing. I checked event viewer, reviewed all the errors, disabled dipawaymode.exe in task scheduler. I even formatted the system about 10 time with different configurations on 3 different drives.12:38
Also, I'm using 6800k which means that my BIOS must be updated to support it.12:39
I am sorry to hear that12:39
Please make sure that you try a CMOS reset by taking out the battery for 3-5 minutes while the PSU is unplugged. While the power cord from the PSU is still unplugged, press the power button down for 30 seconds to power discharge the unit. Then place the CMOS battery back in, plug in the PSU and try again. Check if all the power and sata cables are properly connected and after this plug the power cord again and restart.12:40
Hundreds of people in this thread are struggling just like me for months now.12:40
I have already done that. I have already tried different ram sticks, different power supply, different processor, and one person in the thread went as far as purchasing two extra asus rampage V motherboards to see if there is an issue and there is. In every single one.12:41
In this situation I would suggest taking the device to the retailer to have it inspected as they are in charge of the warranty for the motherboard.12:41
I believe that will not help as people in that thread did the exact same things you mentioned. None of them helped.12:42
Like I said. They purchased two brand new motherboards to test it and it just keeps restarting no matter what.12:42
I'd love to downgrade the BIOS to have it stable, but I do not own 5820k and anything lower than the 3301 will probably not support my CPU. 12:44
The fact that it doesn't work as intended right out of the box is ridiculous. At this point I'm running everything at default configuration in the BIOS. Not even XMP is enabled.12:45
I am sorry to hear about these issue but in this situation the only thing I can suggest after reading all the steps you've tried, is taking the device to be inspected or replaced12:45
I'm 100% sure it's not the device that's faulty but the bios.12:46
Many people reported that BIOS 0044 (beta bios) works fine and there are no restarts. I don't know where they got it from as I did get reply from them yet, however it's definitely not the motherboard12:46
As I didnt*12:47
Not to mention, I'm unable to send the motherboard. I'm a university student and I need the PC every day.12:48
People in that forum thread literally shared snippets of their conversation with support and it's the same in every case. Some people sent it also I believe and that did not fix the problem.12:49
I must inform you that Asus treats every case individually, we cannot make assumptions based on forums12:49
Of course, however hundreds of people have the exact same issue, therefore it's not an individual case.12:50
I understand the situation but as I have said, the best solution I can provide in this case is to have the device inspected by the retailer12:51
I will have to ask hypothetically. What if the inspected item will be "fine" because they don't know that's it's bios and they'll assume the board is fine? I cannot return it at this point in time because it was bought too long ago. I definitely would if I could. Replacing it will not fix this issue because even brand new boards have this problem. This means I literally have to live with restarts? Contacting ASUS support via phone doesn't seem to work and I'm redirected to sending an email and waiting for 2 day response.12:54
Half way though Unity installation yesterday, PC decided to turn itself off, 2 secons later turn itself on again. Just like the other cases with bios 3000 series onwards.12:56
Not to mention this motherboard is just over £450. Why are there even issues in the first place...12:56
Thank you for your cooperation.
I would recommend testing your board with BIOS version 3101. That is the one that supports your 6800K. Regarding your hypothetical, please note that they don't just assume things. When a warranty claim is made on a component, that component is tested.13:7
ASUS is completely aware of the importance of the each experience we give you. We take your valued advice and try to provide better service onwards, thank you.
I have tested all the bioses that I can.13:7
Parts are brand new.13:7
Have you tested the board, with minimum configuration, outside the case?13:7
Same problem persists.13:7
Indeed I have.13:8
Left it there for 24 hours powered on. Restart after 18 hours.13:8
In this case I'm afraid the only course of action we can recommend is to have it replaced by the retailer.13:8
Not sure if I want to have it replaced to then have the exact same issue again when the new one arrives.13:9
People tested it with 5820k with 2000 series bios. Works fine. 3000+ doesn't. 13:9
I cannot downgrade. 6800k is a very new CPU and bios update was needed.13:10
I understand. However this is the only solution to your problem. There is no guarantee that the replacement will have the same issue. Not all of them do.13:10
This isn't a known issue so the board should work normally.13:10
Since it doesn't, despite the extensive troubleshooting you have already been through, you should replace it with one that works straight from the box, without the need of fixes being applied.13:11
Well, I'd still have to flash the BIOS to make sure my CPU is supported and the RAM also.13:12
That would be the case only if the board comes with an older BIOS version than 310113:12
All of them come with an older bios by default if I'm not mistaken.13:13
This is not the Rampage V 10. 13:14
It's just the normal Rampage V with 3.1 USB add on card and OC panel.13:14
The older version.13:15
Not necessarely, it depends when they were boxed and shipped13:15
Okay that's fair, however people are still havin issues on the current BIOS. So even if it comes preinstalled that will mean the restarts will occur as they should on that version of BIOS.13:16
Okay I only have one last query. I's it possible for one of the official ASUS employees to look at that thread on the forum and explain the situation / help troubleshoot this way? This way everyone's issues will be fixed faster.13:20
I will try to return the motherboard but I'm 100% sure it's a waste of time.13:20
You could also try sending us an email so my colleagues can have the possibility to escalate all your feedback13:21
I will most definitely send an email first. May I copy the text from this chat and send it with the email? That'd explain the situation a little bit better.13:22
If you wish to have your feedback escalated you will have to contact the Complaints department by using the link below and selecting Complaints from the drop-down menu.13:26
You can provide them with any information or data you feel will be helpful in your feedback being as clear as possible.13:26
Okay thank you very much for your help and support.13:27
My pleasure, have a nice day !13:28
End of conversation 13:28
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Level 7
Also getting random restarts on both rampage v extreme and 3.1 version. I've lost 3 days of work tryin to figure out what is going on.
Finally found this thread after replacing ram and reinstalling wind 10 completely on one of the computers....
Good thing is that I'm not going crazy and being only one. bad thing is.. man asus flagship board and having these issues???
I managed to flash down back to 2101 as someone suggested around thread so will see now what happened... that flashing also had some issues, was getting codes 79 and 70 couple times restarted itself before it finally booted so.. will see what happens next.. one thing is sure is that I will really consider what will be my next flagship motherboard...

Level 7
And seems to be sorted out here... with old bios
2101 version on older rampage v extreme
2001 on rampage v extreme 3.1 (there isn't 2101 on support for this one.. weird.. anyway)

So far they are not resetting and working their job for over a day now so will probably just stick to this.
But as well I've lost 3 days, being late on 2 jobs now so... bad experience...

mirkoj wrote:
And seems to be sorted out here... with old bios
2101 version on older rampage v extreme
2001 on rampage v extreme 3.1 (there isn't 2101 on support for this one.. weird.. anyway)

So far they are not resetting and working their job for over a day now so will probably just stick to this.
But as well I've lost 3 days, being late on 2 jobs now so... bad experience...

This is the reply I got from the complaint:

Thank you for contacting Asus, my name is ... and I will try my best to assist you with your situation.
Please feel free to rate our service according to the solution provided in the questionnaire that will be sent to you shortly after our reply to your inquiry.
We are extremely sorry to hear that you are facing issues with your RAMPAGE V EXTREME/U3.1.

Based on the provided information I understand that the system restarts by itself. Please note that the ROG forums are separate from the ASUS Technical Support department.

They have their own moderators handling the forums. Technical Support for ASUS UK is not offered via forum posts.

I'm afraid ASUS treats each case individually and every hardware system is different and can behave differentely even with the same BIOS version.

As my colleague also mentioned on Chat, BIOS updates are not recommended if there is nothing wrong with the system and if it is working properly.

Indeed in some cases BIOS updates can cause some issues when it tries to fix others. That is simply due to the sheer number of possible hardware configurations and potential compatibility issues.

On the same forum you mentioned, there are users who are not having issues with the 3xxx BIOS versions.

Please understand that we are the ASUS UK Technical Support department. People on forums are from all over the world and I'm afraid I cannot know where and how or why some people received an untested, unofficial Beta BIOS version.

I'm afraid that is not something we can provide however the development of drivers and BIOS is an ongoing process and as such when newer versions will be made available, they will be posted on the official ASUS support page. I apologize for the inconvenience. BIOS versions are official only when posted on the ASUS support page specific to the product.

In your case the latest BIOS version is 3301 however considering you have a 6800K CPU, the latest BIOS version you require is version 3101, no necessarily 3301. Users should keep the BIOS version that provides their particular system the best stability under whatever settings they use, either default or overclocking, underclocking etc. If it's not broken, don't fix it.

I would recommend enabling your XMP profiles to see how the system behaves with them. I would also recommend trying a different RAM kit, again at XMP.

From the BIOS - Advanced - APM - set ErP Ready on Enabled S4+S5 or Enabled S5 and test your system. Let me know if that makes a difference and whatever else you tried in the meantime. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get back in touch with us.

They literally repeated themselves. Over and over again...

If lots of people are having issues why not release a BIOS update for people who are facing those issues?

"If its not broken, don't fix it" - it was "broken" right from the start.

I tried all the supported BIOSES as mentioned during chat but I guess they convinuently removed that fact from their thought process.

They also think that I never enabled XMP. I indeed have, and with same results. I simply decided to keep it at default for now.
Well, it was my first and LAST time buying an ASUS product. I guess I have to live with restarts, or I'll simply sell the motherboard but I doubt anyone will buy it.

0044 BIOS or 2101 are rock solid. All 3xxx are problematic at least on my board.
I'm running on 0044 for over a month with AND without XMP and I had no issues whatsoever. I recommend anyone with stability issues to try 0044 or 2101.