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Random restarts with 3009 and 3101

Level 7
I have used every single bios extensively as they have been released; all on default settings. With bios 3009 and 3101, I am experiencing random, hard resets. This doesn't happen under load; it can happen even at idle or small load. Oddly, I didn't even have this issue with the beta 3008 bios. Any suggestions as I would like to keep my bios up to date.
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Level 7
As with Griever, I installed 3501 and have had no restarts since. One can only hope that they finally did fix it. Been running since December 30th without a single issue. Longest stretch yet, by a very long shot.


Level 7
After just about one month with 3501 I can confirm that it has indeed addressed the issue of the sudden reboots. I've not had a single one since applying that BIOS version. The only glitch remaining is that the computer will sometimes refuse to wake from S3 sleep (suspend to RAM). But that's not as big a deal since it's not very frequent, and is perfectly livable.

Enjoy, guys! Finally our sudden reboot woes appear to have come to an end!

Level 7
Applied 3501 here as well, to note that it couldn't read CAP file normally from bios had to do USB flash...
No restarts but lately with comp a bit under stress I've got couple of whea_uncorrectable_error win 10 blue screens :X
Will see how it goes and if it is related to 3501... I have another USB ready with 2101 bios again so...

From my end I can confirm I no longer have any sudden reboots of any kind, at any point, or for any reason. As for your BSOD's, you probably should download a BSOD analyzer to try to identify a hardware culprit. It may be another component like the video card at fault.

If not, then you will probably have much better luck starting a new thread, since this isn't really the "sudden reboot" issue. Perhaps even reach out to ASUS support?


Level 7
the thing is that I had reboots with 3xxx bios verisons. going to 2101 sorted it out. now tried 3501 and started getting this.
will start another thread, got some details from blue screen view...

edit couple days later:
back to 2101 and no more blue screens as well so indeed I had some issues with 3501.

Level 7
Well folks. Fortunately my story has come to a positive end. I had been having worse and worse random restarts with my 6850K , RVE, 4X16GB = 64GB DDR4 3000 Patriot , 1080Ti FE SLi setup for the last 4 months. The last 2 months it was so bad that every single time I played BF1 after about 1 minute, boom a random restart. Always during high gaming loads.

My Seasonic 1000W platinum had been used almost everyday for six (6) years between everyone in the house.

Ran across this thread about 1000W PSU's with 1080Ti' FE's in SLi not being enough and decided to take a gamble...

Bought myself a new Corsiar AX1500i PSU. Not a single random restart on any of the new 3000 series bios for the last 10 days, currently on 3701 and actually the whole PC runs a ton smoother now. Safe to say... problem solved.

I think there are two different Categories for the random restart issues.

For some: Random restart during IDLE = cause not entirely known for many.
For others: Random restart during LOADS = Seriously consider getting yourself another PSU to completely resolve the issue.