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RAMPAGE V Extreme - Which is the correct order for RAM installation?

Level 7
Hey guys

Tomorrow i will build my new gaming rig and i need your help on how to install the memory sticks in the right order.
I bought 2 separate Corsair Dominator Platinum 16 GB (2x8) kits which totals up to 4 sticks of ram (32Gb) for my Asus Rampage V extreme.They have the same frequencies (3200 Mhz),the same latency and are of the same version (4.24) but obviously have different production codes.I want to run them in quad channel so i know i have to fill the 4 red slots.
So my question is ,in what order,production code-wise should i install them to avoid any instability problems or other problems of any kind?
The first pair,with the same prod. code, to A1-B1 and the other pair, with the other prod.code, to C1-D1 or A1-C1 and B1-D1?
Even though the manual,with a picture (attached below) explains it,it doesn't clarify what to do in a case like mine.If i had the 32Gb kit it would be very easy but now i'm a bit confused (cause of the second picture, with the 2 sticks ,which are placed in A1-C1 slots).

Thank you very much for your time!


Level 40
billchron wrote:
I bought 2 separate Corsair Dominator Platinum 16 GB (2x8) kits

Sorry to say that is a mistake right there!-The-meat-and-potatoes-o...

However, you can try and see if you get lucky...there is no work around as far as I know re slots but maybe try one kit AB the other CD...maybe with a bit of tweaking you can get them to play nice in quad channel config.

Arne Saknussemm wrote:
Sorry to say that is a mistake right there

You are right,with the 4 kit i wouldn't have this doubt since they would be all the same.The logic would be as you said,AB and CD but tbh the pic with the 2 sticks made me wonder if the A interconnects with the C and consecutively the B with the D.

Thank you Arne.

Level 40
Well....I'd certainly try that never know...

But just seems logical to me for dual stick on each channel.....AB is one channel CD the other

Thanks mate.At first i' ll try the AB-CD and then will see how it goes,if it doesn't respond well i' ll go with the AC-BD.

Level 13
Each letter denotes a channel. One stick in each will not run them together.
They may work or they may not, its a gamble.
The pics in the manual show it pretty straight forward but so does the thread that Arne pointed out.
If there is any chance you can return them I would and buy either a dual channel it of 4 or a quad channel kit of 8 in whatever size you desire. IMO if you have an X99 board that puppy should be sporting 128GB ram in quad channel.

If you cant then the best you can do is try messing and tweaking with them to try and get them to play nicely or simply come to the realization that 1 set of those sticks is going to collect dust. Make sure you know which is from which kit so you dont mix them up and really create a headache for yourself and cant use any of them!

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Level 11
Been using 2 independent kits from their release ( in quad channel on RVE with a good 6950x, working like a charm, doing 3200 CL13, 3333 CL13, 3400 CL14 and 3500 CL14...

One kit is installed in the left side, the other in the right side. Have mixed it without problems too.

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Level 11
Ah, I remember the days when you could stuff whatever memory modules you had laying around into your MB and usually they would work. I still have a stash of a couple dozen pre-DDR3 modules. I need to just pitch them!
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