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Rampage V Extreme Q-code 00 (bare board now)

Level 7
Hello fellow ROG members.
I have a Rampage V and last week I got a Q code (00) and have not been able to get out of it.
I ended up completely taking the system appart. As I was getting desperate, I bought a new power supply and another used Rampage V from eBay.
I get the same error 00 with the new (used mobo).
At this point I have only connected the motherboard the CPU and the power supply. The board is properly connected with both 24 pin and 12V connectors.
I also see the red led CPU diagnostic being constantly on with or without the i7 connected.

Here is my question. Does the Rampage V give a constant red LED on AND a 00 if there is no CPU connected?
If that is the case then is it reasonable to assume that my i7 has gone bad and that is why I get QCode 00 and a constant red CPU LED on?
That would also explain why I get the LED on plus 00 with or without a CPU on either of the two Rampage Vs I now have.

Any help would be appreciated.


Level 7
Start by checking the supply circuits for short circuits and the correct voltages. I had several boards in the repair, in which the protection transistor CPU Vin (1.7-2.2v) broke through. In addition, to be sure that hub x99 is working properly, you need check the filtering capacitors on the chip itself (there are about 10 of them). None of them should be punctured (the capacitors themselves are in good order, but the x99 chip is dead inside). And only after all the voltages on the board are present, mio ​​responds, the BIOS is flashed, the hub is alive, we can say that the ROG chip may be faulty. In general, I have two boards at home (RVE & R5E10, both are already working and tested) that had different faults, but the ROG chips are working.