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Rampage V Extreme (non Edition 10) Meltdown/Spectre Bios update

Level 7
As per the title, I see from here Asus has provided only X99 bios (microcode) updates for the Strix and the Extreme V Edition 10. I do not fancy rebuilding my entire system around an Edition 10 purely to somewhat mitigate Meltdown/Spectre as my X99 system has been running happily overclocked and stable for years.

Can I use the Edition 10 bios on my 1st gen Rampage V Extreme mobo? I am completely out of the loop on systems/motherboards these days, and only look into hardware when I do a new build.


GoLLuM13 wrote:
at the moment there's no bios update for Z97/X99 for Asus' mainboards, and there's an unclear (not to say poor) communication.
Apparently, they only intend to update (some day) the X99 Strix and the Edition 10.

There's a new Beta BIOS for the Strix X99, Rampage V Extreme (Normal and Edition 10), but it isn't clear what's new on them (no changelog)

I haven't tried it since I am in the middle of intensive work, maybe after a couple of weeks. It should also be mentioned that there is no version for the RVE/U3.1.

Level 9
I saw but i was talking about Z97-WS and X99-WS/IPMI. It's strange to not support these workstation cards whereas they are potentially use for workers/power users who needs stability and security ...

I understand you, but I edited my message to announce it to everybody else, maybe someone will be interested in that, since the topic/thread talks about Rampage V Extreme
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Level 7
There is a fairly new MS Update that covers the latest Intel v2 microcode for most modern CPUs.

Here is the article that explains the update and the CPUs covered by it:

Direct Link to Windows 10 build 1803 update, just download and install and you will pass the vulnerability test at the next reboot.

NOTE: When a new build of Windows 10 is released, a new update to this patch will be required... BIOS update is the permanent fix, but this is a stop gap.